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  • chanchal asked on 31 Jul 2020

    A petrol car or electric car is better in term of economical?

    • Shubham
    • on 16 Feb 2021

    @Arsh although most of the electricity production is through fossil fuels but it is still more eco friendly because internal combustion engines are only 25-39%. While power plants are usually 80% more efficient. So there, you are still using half the fossil fuel

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    • Arsh
    • on 2 Oct 2020

    Indian electricity production is mainly dependent on fossil fuel, so indirectly your electric vehicle is causing more pollution than your petrol car

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    • Cardekho experts
    • on 1 Aug 2020

    Clearly, an electric car is way better in terms of running cost as well as it is eco friendly too.

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