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  • amresh asked on 10 Jan 2021

    What would be the EMI?

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 11 Jan 2021

    In general, the down payment remains in between 20-30% of the on-road price of the vehicle, and ROI varies between 9.25-11.5% and it totally depends on the CIBIL/Credit score of an individual. So, we'd suggest you walk into the nearest dealership to know the final finance quotation and documentation as they will be the better person to assist you. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Car Showrooms.

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    • Zakir
    • on 13 Jan 2021

    I can pay only 5000 monthly

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    • on 12 Jan 2021

    What's your FAVOURITE

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    • Cardekho experts
    • on 22 Apr 2021

    For the optimum tyre pressure, you may check out the tyre information label located at the driver's side door lock pillar. Moreover, it is recommended to increase tyre pressure by 5 psi over recommended pressure while going for continuous high-speed driving on highways. For more details, you may refer to the user manual of your car.

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  • pankajjaat asked on 20 Apr 2021

    Company fitted cng available or no

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 20 Apr 2021

    No, Maruti Swift comes with Petrol fuel type engine only.

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    • Zigwheels
    • on 14 Apr 2021

    There are multiple options available as per your requirement such as Maruti S-Presso, Renault Triber, Nissan Magnite, Mahindra KUV100 NXT, Kia Sonet, Hyundai Venue, Maruti Ertiga, Mahindra Bolero, etc. Selecting one would depend on certain factors such as your budget, preference of the segment, features required, brand preference, serviceability, etc. You may click on the given link and check out all the available options: New Cars. Moreover, you may apply filters here in order to refine your search options. For a better understanding of performance and comfort, we'd suggest taking a test drive before making the final decision. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for [dealerships@https://www.cardekho.com/cardealers

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