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Abhijeet Singh Rathore
A graduate of mechanical engineering, Abhijeet have had deep love for machines, especially the one that haul people around. He likes to explore every aspect of vehicle and has a hobby to tinker with all kinds of bikes and cars. His favorite spot being under the hood often lands him getting his hands painted with grease. His curiosities to understand cars better and share what he knows about them landed him at CarDekho. He got his best lessons on cars and bikes from working around with a few mechanics that happen to be his good friend. He has tools as his toys and likes to play around with them whenever he gets time to.
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புதுப்பிப்புகளைப் பெறவும். கார்தேக்கோ செய்திகளின் சந்தாதாரர்கள் ஆகுங்கள்

தொடர்புடைய புதுப்பிப்புகளை உங்களுக்கு நாங்கள் தருவோம்
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