• shobhit asked on 18 Jul 2019

    I brought Venue SX+. from day 1 when jerk come when speed is more to 30 kmph instant sound come from front suspension. I could not understand it is normal or any issue in front suspension?

    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 18 Jul 2019

    We haven't come across any of such cases, however, we would suggest you to visit the nearest authorized service center so that you may get the assistance regarding the query.Click here for the dealership: click here

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    • Pawan
    • on 16 Sep 2019

    Same issue is with me the susspension is not that great than any sub4metr suv

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    • Geeta
    • on 21 Jul 2019

    Venue sx option or ecosport s diesel

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    • on 21 Jul 2019

    Is Seven seater?

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