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க்யா சோநெட் பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

Kia Sonet
325 மதிப்பீடுகள்
Rs. 6.79 - 13.19 லட்சம்*
*எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் விலை புது டெல்லி
மார்ச் சலுகைஐ காண்க
ரேட்டிங் ஒப்பி க்யா சோநெட்
அடிப்படையிலான 325 பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

க்யா சோநெட் பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

  • ஆல் (324)
  • Mileage (53)
  • Performance (33)
  • Looks (99)
  • Comfort (54)
  • Engine (26)
  • Interior (24)
  • Power (21)
  • மேலும்...
  • நவீனமானது
  • பயனுள்ளது
  • Very Good Car

    It is a very good car. Buying was not so good but still, service is too good they are taking photos and sending them.

    இதனால் prathibha kalluraya
    On: Feb 24, 2021 | 32 Views
  • Impressive

    Superb car. Fabulous features. I have the HTX plus variant of Sonet. It has impressed me a lot, throughout by its performance on road. Safety is the area where Kia should work a bit. Spending almost 13 lacs we should at least get 4-6 airbags. Though there are 7 airbags in XUV 300 it's still not that impressive. Music is fabulous. Comfort is cool. O...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் roshan
    On: Feb 24, 2021 | 1988 Views
  • I Got Sonet HTX Imt

    I got Sonet HTX IMT on 24th December. So far excellent experience with it. Performance and comfort levels are excellent. Right now it is giving 13 to 14km per liter in town and 16 to 17 on the highway. Overall, it is an excellent car. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் kishore babu
    On: Feb 21, 2021 | 3033 Views
  • Must Go For It

    I own Kia Sonet Htk Plus 1.2 Petrol. It is the best in class overall mileage in the city is 14.8kmpl, on the highway giving 18kmpl+ mileage. Looks 5/5, Safety 4/5, Interior 4/5, and Service 4/5. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் shikhar adwani
    On: Feb 21, 2021 | 1364 Views
  • Best Performance

    Love the style and driving comfort. Gets an amazing road presence. Best in class interior and steering are smooth.

    இதனால் balaji
    On: Feb 17, 2021 | 167 Views
  • Excellent Car

    Best car in this segment. No doubt just go for it, leg space and the driving experience is good. The car gives a mileage of 18kmpl.

    இதனால் suresh vecha
    On: Mar 01, 2021 | 7 Views
  • Awesome Car

    Awesome car, perfomance is amazing ,features really excites me, but i'm not happy with its mileage. It's best in the segment.

    இதனால் ramees
    On: Feb 26, 2021 | 95 Views
  • No Guarantee Of Safety

    I booked Kia Sonet immediately after seeing it but then I came to know Kia build quality. The NCAP rating of Kia Seltos is 3-star. I had immediately canceled my booking. Kia cars are not safe to drive in India. But it doesn't matter in India as we prefer features more than our safety. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ankit pandey
    On: Feb 25, 2021 | 389 Views
  • Very Comfortable

    The car is so sporty in look and gives the mileage around 23kmpl in the city. White colour is common but stylish. All over car is so cool and worth the money(HTX diesel)

    இதனால் a patil
    On: Feb 24, 2021 | 61 Views
  • Best Compact SUV With Awesome Looks

    I Bought HTX IMT Variant in DEC 2020. It includes all features like Sunroof, clutchless IMT transmission, remote engine start etc in 11 Lakh budget, mileage is 14 kmpl in normal roads & 17 Kmpl on the highway, inside looks awesome, absolutely fine and highly satisfied. I Recommend buying this car within an 11Lakh budget in comparison to other compe...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் vardhan kumar
    On: Feb 28, 2021 | 11 Views
  • The Best Car In The Segment

    The best car in the segment, feature-loaded and fun to drive. Kia has done a great job helping the Sonet, also it looks good.

    இதனால் shivani attri
    On: Feb 17, 2021 | 57 Views
  • Third Class Customer Service

    Only look and features nothing else. Too many problems with the feature like the connectivity of apple car play.

    இதனால் ahire hemant
    On: Feb 14, 2021 | 164 Views
  • Great Deal

    Overall, you get a very good package in the form of Sonet. Style and features: best in the segment no complaints about it. Safety: top models have the best safety features in the segment with 6 airbags, for lower variants, it is like any other car in the same segment. Build quality is very good, you feel that when you access bonnet and doors, very ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ojas chaughule
    On: Feb 14, 2021 | 4517 Views
  • Awesome Car

    Best in the segment, looks stunning, seems nice build quality and safety features. It has a good amount of boot space.

    இதனால் sudarshan baishya
    On: Feb 10, 2021 | 111 Views
  • Best Car In This Price But Poor After Sales Experience

    I have purchased this car on 12 November. I got an accident on 25 December. They have taken 45 days for returning my car. They were just doing time pass as they didn't have the parts. Only the bumper and bonnet were damaged. For this, they took so much time. Overall car is best as per mileage and for features. But really very poor after-sales servi...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் abhimanyu
    On: Feb 09, 2021 | 5728 Views
  • Best Car Ever

    Best car ever. Low maintenance cost. Good budget car. Many best color combinations available. Best car in this segment.

    இதனால் k p
    On: Feb 08, 2021 | 126 Views
  • Accessories Cheating

    I have purchased a Kia Sonet from the Vijayawada showroom. Don't buy car accessories.

    இதனால் ramesh
    On: Feb 03, 2021 | 647 Views
  • Excellent Car

    It is the best car in SUV segment. Amazing mileage and good safety features. Excellent in long drives.

    இதனால் chandramohan rebba
    On: Feb 02, 2021 | 148 Views
  • Low Mileage

    Diesel AT gives very low mileage- MID indicates range with 19kmpl calculation but actual mileage coming around 9.5kmpl.

    இதனால் akshay
    On: Feb 01, 2021 | 269 Views
  • Late Delivery And Be Fooling Customers By Kia

    I booked a Kia Sonet HTX diesel on Oct 2nd 2020 and I was promised a delivery date before 9th Nov 2020 but on the date of delivery, they told they have no vehicles. Further after a few days, they told that Kia has stopped the production line and now the cars will arrive in 2021. Now on 29th jan 2021, even after 4 months, they give no assurance of d...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் rajeev sethi
    On: Jan 29, 2021 | 8338 Views
  • Worth Every Penny

    Gtx 7Dct is the best variant of Sonet. It's worth every penny. Smooth transmission and love to drive on highways. Highly recommended.

    இதனால் shibu andrews
    On: Jan 25, 2021 | 92 Views
  • Just Awesome

    I own Kia Sonet GTX IMT Turbo. There is no complaint at all. Performance, Safety, Ride Quality & Comfort is so satisfactory. 100% Worthy. 👍👍

    இதனால் neil desai
    On: Jan 23, 2021 | 110 Views
  • Very Bad Sales Behaviour

    Customer service is very poor. Kia sales team is arrogant. The biggest problem with Kia is Kia team does not care about the customer, behave rudely.

    இதனால் vikas yadav
    On: Jan 26, 2021 | 163 Views
  • Do Not Want To Buy This Car

    Third class car, waited too long.

    இதனால் rakesh maheshwari
    On: Jan 24, 2021 | 159 Views
  • Best SUV Of The Year

    Amazing car with great interior and features. I really like the performance of the car and the best of the best look.

    இதனால் arvind khokhar
    On: Jan 24, 2021 | 139 Views
  • Nice Mileage

    It is a nice car and the features are amazing. It has a nice mileage in HTK plus diesel.

    இதனால் priyank patel
    On: Jan 24, 2021 | 103 Views
  • Best Compact SUV

    Best car for a long drive. Driving comfort is great, super pickup in first gear, and vibration in the shock absorber.

    இதனால் raj b
    On: Jan 24, 2021 | 67 Views
  • Average Of The Car Is Very Low

    The average of the car is very low. They promised the mileage of 12kmpl but it is not true. I use Kia Sonet top model petrol variant using without AC then also the average is below 10kmpl. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் kirti
    On: Jan 23, 2021 | 8254 Views
  • Average Of The Car Is Very Low

    I brought Kia Sonet top model petrol and the average is very low. They said the minimum average of 12kmpl  but it is not true.

    இதனால் kirti gupta
    On: Jan 23, 2021 | 129 Views
  • Best Car Among Every Cars

    It is a good car. I purchased it in November and I am totally satisfied. You can purchase this car without any tension.

    இதனால் ritik
    On: Jan 21, 2021 | 141 Views
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ஐஎஸ் sonet1.2 என்ஜின் capable to climb hills

Vishal asked on 19 Feb 2021

The 1.2-litre petrol engine of Kia Sonet churns out 83PS of maximum power and 11...

மேலும் படிக்க
By Cardekho experts on 19 Feb 2021

Can we replace round ஸ்டீயரிங் with flat bottom after buying க்யா சோநெட்

Vishal asked on 16 Feb 2021

For this, we would suggest you walk into the nearest service center as they will...

மேலும் படிக்க
By Cardekho experts on 16 Feb 2021

க்யா சோநெட் htk plus இல் How to modify engine pushstart button

Nawab asked on 9 Feb 2021

For this, we would suggest you walk into the nearest dealership as they will be ...

மேலும் படிக்க
By Cardekho experts on 9 Feb 2021

சிறந்த color of that car?

mohit asked on 8 Feb 2021

Kia Sonet is available in 10 different colours - Intense Red, Glacier White Pear...

மேலும் படிக்க
By Cardekho experts on 8 Feb 2021

ஐஎஸ் க்யா சோநெட் கிட்ஸ் Plus பெட்ரோல் DCT (automatic) good to drive?

soni asked on 20 Jan 2021

The GTX Plus variant of Kia Sonet is offered with a 120PS 1.0-litre turbo petrol...

மேலும் படிக்க
By Zigwheels on 20 Jan 2021

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    அறிமுக எதிர்பார்ப்பு: ஏப்ரல் 01, 2021
  • sorento
    Rs.25.00 லட்சம்*
    அறிமுக எதிர்பார்ப்பு: aug 10, 2021
  • ரியோ
    Rs.8.00 லட்சம்*
    அறிமுக எதிர்பார்ப்பு: aug 31, 2021
  • ஸ்போர்டேஜ்
    Rs.25.00 லட்சம்*
    அறிமுக எதிர்பார்ப்பு: ஏப்ரல் 10, 2021
  • சீட்
    Rs.9.00 லட்சம்*
    அறிமுக எதிர்பார்ப்பு: nov 11, 2022

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