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ஹூண்டாய் க்ரிட்டா பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

Hyundai Creta
375 மதிப்பீடுகள்
Rs. 9.99 - 17.2 லட்சம்*
*எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் விலை in புது டெல்லி
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அடிப்படையிலான 375 பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

ஹூண்டாய் க்ரிட்டா looks பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

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  • King Of Mid SUV

    No Suv can beat Creta 2020 in this segment have lots of useful features and luxury interior. No 1 in handling in driving, ergonomic design has got smooth engine and delivers good mileage. A diesel engine doesn't feel noisy instead it's punchy and fun to drive. Looks may not be everyone like but it has got a futuristic design in every aspect. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் kumar subba
    On: Jun 26, 2020 | 3603 Views
  • A Complete Family Car

    Good pickup fantastic steering roomy interior and very good outlook both front and back modern infotainment with large screen (10.24inch) superb sunroof like in luxury cars. The mixed dark and light colors in the interior give a luxurious looking. The designs and looks of the alloy wheels are pretty good so many features are very useful and totally...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் arumugam
    On: Jun 08, 2020 | 3968 Views
  • Condition Of Car Is Amazing

    This is an awesome car and a top-class car and it has a nice pick-up with a safe journey and has a nice look. It is a family car with amazing sound system and the price is perfect. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் anwar neog
    On: May 29, 2020 | 288 Views
  • Nice Car And Most Styling Car

    Superb car model with new look lights is amazing and interior design was fabulous front grill mileage.

    இதனால் gouda
    On: Jun 16, 2020 | 124 Views
  • Awesome Car

    It's excellent look and space interior mileage each and every part will take special.

    இதனால் mahesh dalvi
    On: Apr 27, 2020 | 66 Views
  • Futuristic Car Design

    The car looks so awesome and it has a futuristic look and the features which are offered in this price tag are fabulous and the seat is very comfortable and my favourite part is the panoramic sunroof which looks so good and the interior of the car is also good and stylish that it looks like a Range Rover but this car has some disadvantages like ven...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் hardik jindal
    On: Apr 22, 2020 | 129 Views
  • Smart Monster And Really Love It

    It's features are amazing. Creta 2020 have sun roof and moon roof which attracted me and such a big screen at dashboard. Creta have head turner looks. Engine is really powerfull. At last, the car is very smooth and powerfull.  மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் abhay raj
    On: May 18, 2020 | 91 Views
  • Awesome Creta

    I like the Hyundai Creta. This is my favourite car and it is looking awesome with nice colour.

    இதனால் vikram hansda
    On: May 15, 2020 | 39 Views
  • Plastic Loaded

    The interior is loaded with plastic. No discount because of its Hyundai top-selling car. Better to look for other options like Harrier.

    இதனால் dipen
    On: Jun 25, 2020 | 249 Views
  • Fantastic Look

    Hyundai Creta is good at looking and low-cost maintenance. It feels very well at driving and it's a middle-class family car.

    இதனால் bandi shiva
    On: Apr 22, 2020 | 28 Views
  • Memorable To Use This Car

    New look, mass look and very innovative thinking. The major extreme new technology and new inventions are a build-up to this Creta. Nice outlook and stylish.

    இதனால் balakreshnan s
    On: Apr 11, 2020 | 49 Views
  • Mind-blowing Creta

    Awesome car ever I have seen yet in this budget features are mind-blowing, panoramic sunroof no one car has this feature in this budget. SUV mileage also superb, and car torque also increased car look also fabulous this car look like 30 lakh above cars. Its complete packages of perfect SUV and feel like a premium class car. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் piyush
    On: Apr 10, 2020 | 298 Views
  • All New Creta

    The vehicle is very good, the look is also very good and the comfort is also good, this vehicle was liked by the people, the feature is very good and it looks good from outside, the inside is very good. The average of this vehicle is also very good and this petrol and diesel comes in and this vehicle is also correct, the colour is also very good an...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ratnesh tanwar
    On: Apr 17, 2020 | 267 Views
  • Review On The Basis Of What Changes We Want.

    Mind-Blowing looks, amazing performance but the front Indicators doesn't look so nice along with this, the dashboard needs to be improved.

    இதனால் gautam
    On: Apr 17, 2020 | 38 Views
  • Best Suv Of Indian Car Market

    Safely and comfortable drive and the interior look was awesome best SUV till date...and overall the best feature is panoramic sunroof everyone like that feature.

    இதனால் aman yadav
    On: Apr 11, 2020 | 39 Views
  • No Comparison Of These And No Word To Speak About

    Hyundai has given features like Audi cars at a cheaper price. The steering of the car is awesome. The car look is very good. No company of cars panoramic sunroof in the second top model which is SX. If we came to the comfort of the car it is very good. Any company does not give these features at a low price which Hyundai Creta has. The cars have a ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் piyush
    On: Apr 22, 2020 | 82 Views
  • Best Car On Road In The Category

    Great car with comfort and style in the category. One of the best vehicles looks on the road. Creta is nicely designed and has a strong look and feel.

    இதனால் arjun gujar
    On: Apr 21, 2020 | 34 Views
  • Super Hyundai Creta.

    One of the best mode of Hyundai company.The interior and exterior of this car are mind-blowing.The cost of this car is suitable for middle-class people. The mileage is great and the comfort is the best specification of this war. I really love this car. The touch screen in this car is a good looking and awesome one. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் infant silpence
    On: Apr 18, 2020 | 83 Views
  • Excellent Car

    Overall excellent in this variant look comfort and safety point of view is very good ground clearance is good.

    இதனால் punit rathi
    On: Apr 11, 2020 | 28 Views
  • Best Of Car

    Very good quality and looks are good and better performance of this car and interior is better.

    இதனால் bhawani shankar
    On: Apr 13, 2020 | 18 Views
  • Awesome Car With Greta Features.

    Awesome Car with great features. New Hyundai Creta is much better than the previous Creta, the base variant of this car also gives good package especially interior of new Creta looks premium. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் yash nandu
    On: Apr 07, 2020 | 469 Views
  • Awesome Car with Greta features

    New Hyundai Creta is much better than the previous Creta, the base variant of this car also gives good package specially interior of new Creta looks premium. It also looks more spacious than older Creta, from the back it's sometimes looks like venue if it's away from you but from front, it kills the segment. This car totally values for money. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் gautam
    On: Apr 06, 2020 | 231 Views
  • Car Looks Are Superb

    The car looks superb both inetrior and exterior accompanied by great comfort and performance. Expensive for middle class, the car has potential to satisfy all customers. The mileage has been concern with increase in fuel prices as it constitute one factor for making choice by most car users. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் tshering phuntsho
    On: Apr 05, 2020 | 93 Views
  • Performance Of My Creta.

    This is my first car and I got wonderful performance in all fields as like future, looks and driving etc. Their air conditioner is very power full and it gives is a satisfactory result. Its ground clearance is also better who gives us a fearless driving experience. This gives us a very spacious feeling in rear seating and its 400-litre boot space i...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் pk arya
    On: Apr 10, 2020 | 105 Views
  • Good Looking And New Rear Look

    The best car 2020 Creta low price good looking and new trending young age people nice look driving cool.

    இதனால் sasi
    On: Apr 07, 2020 | 76 Views
  • Awesome Car With Great Mileage

    The new generation Hyundai Creta is awesome car with loaded lots of features and space is also great and it's look from outside is also sporty. It looks very aggressive and it is best in its segment and mileage is also great but one thing, I personally didn't like is it's engine power. It should be increase to 2000CC but other than these the car is...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் varun mandhani
    On: Apr 08, 2020 | 67 Views
  • Awesome Drive

    Excellent features the built quality is awesome and looks are totally royale. The best in class features.

    இதனால் sahil jindal
    On: Apr 06, 2020 | 51 Views
  • Awesome Car

    Beautiful designing and eye-catchy looks. It has everything which is required in a premium SUV. Excellent work by Hyundai.

    இதனால் shivam shukla
    On: Apr 06, 2020 | 30 Views
  • Lovely Car

    Creta is a powerful pick-up and good look its maintenance is low and good mileage it is a lovely car in this year.

    இதனால் mukund panchal
    On: Apr 09, 2020 | 63 Views
  • Best in the class.

    This car has superb looks and the best thing is the luxury touch in the design. The infotainment system of the car is best in the class and comes with great features and comfort. It has a great thing panoramic sunroof which adds more luxury to the car. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் akshun anand
    On: Apr 05, 2020 | 59 Views
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