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Over Hyped Car

Over Hyped Car

Thar seems good from the looks point of view. Consider 100 times before paying more than 11 lacks for this car. As offroading is rare, once in a blue moon. So, people would go for a more luxurious more practical version available in the market. Like Nexon, Kia Sonet, Venue, and many more. One of the greatest demerits which I found is ingress and egress in the rear seat, as there is no door option. You have to fold the front row, which is in my opinion is far more difficult. The rear seat can seat only two. On the other hand for little offroading, Nexon, Venue, Ecosport, Brezza are good options. Even Bolero is a more practical car than Thar. So guys, paying 11 to 15 lacks for this touch machine is a big deal. In this price range, Kia is offering good cars. Even Harrier, Scorpio, or Creta could be great in 15 lacks. Thar is launched for those families who have 2 or more cars already, not for average Indians. Go for it only if you want to be an eye-catcher and for road presence.

இதனால் amitesh thakur
On: aug 17, 2020 | 23436 Views
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t lamar
Oct 1, 2020 5:07:24 AM

Thar is like a goods carrying vehicle, no different and no more comfortable than Bolero pick up vehicles. A most awkward vehicle I have the pleasure to drive.

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    tarun mishra
    Aug 21, 2020 11:33:13 PM

    Haha , I found the comparison a little too amateur... This is not for city driving or going to office mate , it's an extreme off-road vehicle for the adventurer soul.. And they won't mind paying the premium

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    jagadeesh raj
    Sep 8, 2020 9:39:59 AM

    Mahindra officials told apart from off roading new 2020 Thar now can be used for city driving and daily office use and can be comfortable in highways too due to changed suspension...

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      madhur veer
      Aug 21, 2020 3:30:46 PM

      This is a lifestyle vehicle mate. Nexon, Venue, Sonet, won’t be able to reach Himalayan regions. You will have to think twice before planning a trip to Spiti valley in your toys.

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        மஹிந்திரா தார் பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

        அடிப்படையிலான91 பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்
        • ஆல் (91)
        • Mileage (9)
        • Performance (6)
        • Looks (26)
        • Comfort (20)
        • Engine (8)
        • Interior (1)
        • Power (12)
        • More ...
        • நவீனமானது
        • பயனுள்ளது
        • CRITICAL
        • More Changes Required

          Although the new Thar looks one of the best and capable in this price range. I want Mahindra to launch a new variant of Thar without 4x4 and with XUV300's smaller engine....மேலும் படிக்க

          இதனால் gaurav agarwal
          On: Jan 26, 2021 | 5817 Views
        • Unworthy For The Price

          Not worth for top-end above 13 lacs. This is simply fooling customers.

          இதனால் benny thomas
          On: Feb 09, 2021 | 265 Views
        • Most Famous Car

          According to my point of view, Mahindra Thar is one of the most famous car in India. Mahindra Thar is my first choice to buy.

          இதனால் bushan sharma
          On: Feb 03, 2021 | 145 Views
        • BEST CAR


          இதனால் user
          On: Feb 03, 2021 | 66 Views
        • Explore The Unachievable

          Thar is off roading vehicle so it is not that comfort but looks and sounds great and power which is unbelievable.

          இதனால் ritan priya mishra
          On: Feb 02, 2021 | 87 Views
        • Thar Need To Improve

          Thar, it's good. A lot of changes have to be done. 1) Finishing not up to the mark still to be done. 2) Glove box we can't keep anything what's the use even can't keep th...மேலும் படிக்க

          இதனால் krishnachaitanya
          On: Feb 01, 2021 | 795 Views
        • A Dysfunctional Vehicle For Just To Show Off

          This is not a car but Mahindra has provided its own modified version of Thar adding some comfort features but it is still far behind, the matter of fact that other Compac...மேலும் படிக்க

          இதனால் anonymous
          On: Jan 27, 2021 | 1811 Views
        • Super performence

          Super performance, well fitted hard roof, superb look, high-performance diesel engine, good looking, good music system, and comfortable seats with the height-adjustable d...மேலும் படிக்க

          இதனால் kareem basha
          On: Jan 17, 2021 | 2602 Views
        • எல்லா தார் மதிப்பீடுகள் ஐயும் காண்க
        Mahindra Thar
        91 மதிப்பீடுகள்
        Rs. 12.10 - 14.15 லட்சம்*
        *எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் விலை புது டெல்லி
        லேட்டஸ்ட் சலுகைஐ காண்க

        Compare Variants of மஹிந்திரா தார்

        • டீசல்
        • பெட்ரோல்
        Rs.12,30,337*இஎம்ஐ: Rs. 29,405
        15.2 கேஎம்பிஎல்மேனுவல்

        தார் மாற்றுகள் இன் பயனர் மதிப்பீடுகள்

        *புது டெல்லி இல் எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் இன் விலை

        போக்கு மஹிந்திரா கார்கள்

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