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டாடா சுமோ Affordable People Carrier

Tata Sumo Affordable People Carrier

My father purchased the Sumo Gold 4 years back and I must say it has proved to be the most reliable workhorse for ferrying people around. I have a large family and I live in outskirts. So my father wanted a car for carrying 7-8 people in the vicinity and that too in the price range of Rs. 7 lakhs. When I first heard that Tata has launched a powerful version of the Sumo SUV, I searched about it and asked some of my friends who were more knowledgeable in this field. They suggested me to go for this SUV since it was in our price range and can absorb a whole lot of people. The car looks mediocre but in area in which I am living, people don?t care much about styling and so on. As far as comfort is concerned, the third row is certainly a cramped one and you can?t ask much in SUV like this. Big ground clearance and power steering make my drive convenient. For a large family with budget concern, Tata Sumo could be the best choice.

இதனால் ravinder
On: பிப்ரவரி 16, 2018 | 97 Views
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  • Best Xuv car under 10lakh budget,

    Again a good value product from the house of TATA. Acceleration and engine performance is good. Power steering is too good and even better than XUV, I have tried almost a...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் pankaj sahuverified Verified Buyer
    On: Aug 03, 2019 | 129 Views
  • Amazing SUV By Tata

    Such a mind-blowing car, in love with its comfort.

    இதனால் debraj kundu
    On: May 01, 2019 | 39 Views
  • Best Car For Big Family

    Super power less maintenance good performance super mileage.

    இதனால் s.venkata krishnan
    On: May 01, 2019 | 38 Views
  • Tata Sumo is a superb car

    I have a beautiful satisfaction. This car is smooth to drive. I saw it on the internet. it has superb specs.

    இதனால் v.t.sundar raj
    On: Mar 30, 2019 | 44 Views
  • for Gold EX

    Awesome Car

    Best car for long drive and pickup is too good. Full on space between sheets. Nice car for a big family.

    இதனால் himanshu patel
    On: Mar 28, 2019 | 30 Views
  • The Best of Tata Motors

    It has a good shape. As we all know TATA Motors is an Indian motors company, It has a good sale. It is good for long distance traveling.

    இதனால் biju
    On: Mar 21, 2019 | 29 Views
  • Best Car

    Tata Sumo has a powerful engine but outdated design, comfortable inside, a best in class space inside.

    இதனால் ejaj ahemad
    On: Jun 12, 2019 | 31 Views
  • Good looking car.

    First of all Tata Sumo is very good looking, stylish and comfortable to drive car. Engine power is also very good for the hilly area, basically, my car (tata sumo) i...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் azad uddin verified Verified Buyer
    On: Aug 16, 2019 | 68 Views
  • எல்லா சுமோ மதிப்பீடுகள் ஐயும் காண்க
Tata Sumo
Rs. 5.80 லக்ஹ - 8.96 லக்ஹ*
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