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ஆடி ஏ6 vs பிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ்

நீங்கள் வாங்க வேண்டுமா ஆடி ஏ6 அல்லது பிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ்? நீங்கள் எந்த கார் சிறந்தது என்பதை கண்டுபிடிக்க சிறந்தது வேண்டும்- விலை, அளவு, இடம், துவக்க இடம், சேவை விலை, மைலேஜ், அம்சங்கள், நிறங்கள் மற்றும் பிற விவரக்குறிப்பின் அடிப்படையில் இரண்டு மாடல்களை ஒப்பிடுக. ஆடி ஏ6 பிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ் மற்றும்எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் விலை ரூபாய் 64.41 லட்சம் லட்சத்திற்கு லைஃப்ஸ்டைல் பதிப்பு (பெட்ரோல்) மற்றும் ரூபாய் 73.50 லட்சம் லட்சத்திற்கு  ஜிடீ 630ஐ மீ ஸ்போர்ட் (பெட்ரோல்). ஏ6 வில் 1984 cc (பெட்ரோல் top model) engine, ஆனால் 6 சீரிஸ் ல் 1998 cc (பெட்ரோல் top model) engine. மைலேஜ் பொறுத்தவரை, இந்த ஏ6 வின் மைலேஜ் 14.11 கேஎம்பிஎல் (பெட்ரோல் top model) மற்றும் இந்த 6 சீரிஸ் ன் மைலேஜ்  18.65 கேஎம்பிஎல் (பெட்ரோல் top model).

ஏ6 Vs 6 சீரிஸ்

Key HighlightsAudi A6BMW 6 Series
On Road PriceRs.82,18,993*Rs.87,69,102*
Fuel TypePetrolPetrol
மேலும் படிக்க

ஆடி ஏ6 vs பிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ் ஒப்பீடு

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        ஆடி ஏ6
        ஆடி ஏ6
        Rs70.79 லட்சம்*
        *எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் விலை
        தொடர்பிற்கு dealer
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            பிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ்
            பிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ்
            Rs76.90 லட்சம்*
            *எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் விலை
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          • 45 டிஎஃப்எஸ்ஐ தொழில்நுட்பம்
            rs70.79 லட்சம்*
            தொடர்பிற்கு dealer
          • ஜிடி 630i எம் ஸ்போர்ட் சிக்னேச்சர்
            rs76.90 லட்சம்*
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          basic information
          on-road விலை in புது டெல்லி
          finance available (emi)
          get இ‌எம்‌ஐ சலுகைகள்
          get இ‌எம்‌ஐ சலுகைகள்
          User Rating
          அடிப்படையிலான 129 மதிப்பீடுகள்
          அடிப்படையிலான 108 மதிப்பீடுகள்
          ப்ரோசரை பதிவிறக்கு
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          இயந்திரம் மற்றும் பரிமாற்றம்
          இயந்திர வகை
          Engine type in car refers to the type of engine that powers the vehicle. There are many different types of car engines, but the most common are petrol (gasoline) and diesel engines
          in line பெட்ரோல் engine
          twinpower டர்போ inline 4-cylinder engine
          displacement (cc)
          The displacement of an engine is the total volume of all of the cylinders in the engine. Measured in cubic centimetres (cc)
          no. of cylinders
          ICE engines have one or more cylinders. More cylinders typically mean more smoothness and more power, but it also means more moving parts and less fuel efficiency.
          அதிகபட்ச பவர் (bhp@rpm)
          Power dictates the performance of an engine. It's measured in horsepower (bhp) or metric horsepower (PS). More is better.
          max torque (nm@rpm)
          The load-carrying ability of an engine, measured in Newton-metres (Nm) or pound-foot (lb-ft). More is better.
          சிலிண்டருக்கு உள்ள வால்வுகள்
          The number of intake and exhaust valves in each engine cylinder. More valves per cylinder means better engine breathing and better performance but it also adds to cost.
          வால்வு அமைப்பு
          Valve configuration refers to the number and arrangement of intake and exhaust valves in each engine cylinder.
          fuel supply system
          Responsible for delivering fuel from the fuel tank into your internal combustion engine (ICE). More sophisticated systems give you better mileage.
          direct injection
          turbo charger
          A device that forces more air into an internal combustion engine. More air can burn more fuel and make more power. Turbochargers utilise exhaust gas energy to make more power.
          super charger
          A device that forces more air into an internal combustion engine. More air can burn more fuel and make more power. Superchargers utilise engine power to make more power.
          ட்ரான்ஸ்மிஷன் type
          gear box
          The component containing a set of gears that supply power from the engine to the wheels. It affects speed and fuel efficiency.
          8-Speed Steptronic Sport AT
          drive type
          Specifies which wheels are driven by the engine's power, such as front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. It affects how the car handles and also its capabilities.
          clutch type
          The type of clutch used in manual transmission cars. It affects the feel and engagement of the gearbox.
          Dual clutch
          எரிபொருள் மற்றும் செயல்திறன்
          fuel type
          emission norm compliance
          Indicates the level of pollutants the car's engine emits, showing compliance with environmental regulations.
          பிஎஸ் vi 2.0
          பிஎஸ் vi
          அதிகபட்ச வேகம் (கிமீ/மணி)
          suspension, ஸ்டீயரிங் & brakes
          முன்புற சஸ்பென்ஷன்
          The system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects the front wheels to the car body. Reduces jerks over bad surfaces and affects handling.
          five-link முன்புறம் suspension; tubular anti-roll bar
          adaptive air suspension
          பின்புற சஸ்பென்ஷன்
          The system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connects the rear wheels to the car body. It impacts ride quality and stability.
          five-link முன்புறம் suspension; tubular anti-roll bar
          டைனமிக் damper control
          ஷாக் அப்ஸார்பர்ஸ் வகை
          The kind of shock absorbers that come in a car. They help reduce jerks when the car goes over bumps and uneven roads. They can be hydraulic or gas-filled.
          ஸ்டீயரிங் type
          The mechanism by which the car's steering operates, such as manual, power-assisted, or electric. It affecting driving ease.
          ஸ்டீயரிங் காலம்
          The shaft that connects the steering wheel to the rest of the steering system to help maneouvre the car.
          உயரம் & reach
          ஸ்டீயரிங் கியர் டைப்
          Specifies the type of mechanism used to turn the car's wheels, such as rack and pinion or recirculating ball. Affects the feel of the steering.
          rack & pinion
          rack & pinon
          turning radius (மீட்டர்)
          The smallest circular space that needs to make a 180-degree turn. It indicates its manoeuvrability, especially in tight spaces.
          முன்பக்க பிரேக் வகை
          Specifies the type of braking system used on the front wheels of the car, like disc or drum brakes. The type of brakes determines the stopping power.
          வென்டிலேட்டட் டிஸ்க்
          வென்டிலேட்டட் டிஸ்க்
          பின்புற பிரேக் வகை
          Specifies the type of braking system used on the rear wheels, like disc or drum brakes, affecting the car's stopping power.
          வென்டிலேட்டட் டிஸ்க்
          வென்டிலேட்டட் டிஸ்க்
          top வேகம் (கிமீ/மணி)
          The maximum speed a car can be driven at. It indicates its performance capability.
          0-100 கிமீ/மணி (விநாடிகள்)
          The rate at which the car can increase its speed from a standstill. It is a key performance indicator.
          பிரேக்கிங் (100-0 கி.மீ) (விநாடிகள்)
          The duration it takes for a car to come to a complete stop from a certain speed, indicating how safe it is.
          tyre size
          The dimensions of the car's tyres indicating their width, height, and diameter. Important for grip and performance.
          245/45/ ஆர்18
          f245/45 r19r275/40, r19
          டயர் வகை
          Tells you the kind of tyres fitted to the car, such as all-season, summer, or winter. It affects grip and performance in different conditions.
          runflat tyres
          0-100 கி.மீ (சோதிக்கப்பட்டது) (விநாடிகள்)
          சிட்டி டிரைவபிலிட்டி (20-80 கி.மீ) (விநாடிகள்)
          பிரேக்கிங் (80-0 கிமீ) (விநாடிகள்)
          அளவுகள் மற்றும் திறன்
          நீளம் ((மிமீ))
          The distance from a car's front tip to the farthest point in the back.
          அகலம் ((மிமீ))
          The width of a car is the horizontal distance between the two outermost points of the car, typically measured at the widest point of the car, such as the wheel wells or the rearview mirrors
          உயரம் ((மிமீ))
          The height of a car is the vertical distance between the ground and the highest point of the car. It can decide how much space a car has along with it's body type and is also critical in determining it's ability to fit in smaller garages or parking spaces
          தரையில் அனுமதி வழங்கப்படாதது ((மிமீ))
          The laden ground clearance is the vertical distance between the ground and the lowest point of the car when the car is empty. More ground clearnace means when fully loaded your car won't scrape on tall speedbreakers, or broken roads.
          சக்கர பேஸ் ((மிமீ))
          Distance between the centre of the front and rear wheels. Affects the car’s stability & handling .
          பின்புறம் tread ((மிமீ))
          The distance from the centre of the left tyre to the centre of the right tyre of a fourwheeler's rear wheels. Also known as Rear Track. The relation between the front and rear Tread/Track numbers dictates a cars stability
          kerb weight (kg)
          Weight of the car without passengers or cargo. Affects performance, fuel efficiency, and suspension behaviour.
          grossweight (kg)
          The gross weight of a car is the maximum weight that a car can carry which includes the weight of the car itself, the weight of the passengers, and the weight of any cargo that is being carried. Overloading a car is unsafe as it effects handling and could also damage components like the suspension.
          பின்புறம் headroom ((மிமீ))
          Vertical space in the rear of a car from the seat to the roof. More rear headroom means taller passengers have ample space above their heads, enhancing comfort.
          முன்புறம் headroom ((மிமீ))
          Vertical space in the front of a car from the seat to the roof. More headroom means more space for the front passenger and driver.
          முன்புறம் shoulder room ((மிமீ))
          The front shoulder room of a car is the distance between the left and right side of the cabin where your shoulder will touch. Wider cars are more comfortable for large passengers
          ரியர் ஷோல்டர் ரூம் ((மிமீ))
          The rear shoulder room of a car is the distance between the left and right side of the cabin where your shoulder will touch. Wider cars are more comfortable and can seat three passengers (If applicable) better.
          சீட்டிங் கெபாசிட்டி
          The maximum number of people that can legally and comfortably sit in a car.
          boot space (litres)
          The amount of space available in the car's trunk or boot for keeping luggage and other items. It is measured in cubic feet or litres.
          no. of doors
          The total number of doors in the car, including the boot if it's considered a door. It affects access and convenience.
          ஆறுதல் & வசதி
          பவர் ஸ்டீயரிங்
          Mechanism that reduces the effort needed to operate the steering wheel. Offered in various types, including hydraulic and electric.
          பவர் விண்டோஸ் முன்பக்கம்
          Front windows that can be rolled up and down electronically. A must-have feature for modern-day cars.
          பவர் விண்டோஸ் பின்புறம்
          Rear windows that can be rolled up and down electronically at the touch of a button.
          ஆட்டோமேட்டிக் கிளைமேட் கன்ட்ரோல்
          Automatically adjusts the car’s cabin temperature. Removes the need to manually adjust car AC temperature every now and then & offers a set it and forget it convenience.
          4 ஜோன்
          4 ஜோன்
          air quality control
          Air filters, also known as air purifiers, purify the air of the cabin by absorbing any harmful or contaminated particles.
          ரிமோட் ட்ரங் ஓப்பனர்
          A feature to open the trunk remotely for convenience. Useful when your hands are full, and you need to access the trunk without manually unlocking or lifting it.
          ரிமோட் ப்யூயல் லிட் ஓப்பனர்
          A feature that allows the driver to open the car's fuel cap cover from inside the car or with a remote. Makes opening the fuel lid convenient.
          குறைந்த எரிபொருளுக்கான வார்னிங் லைட்
          A dashboard indicator that alerts the driver when the fuel level is low. Gives a reminder to refill fuel to avoid stalling.
          ஆக்சஸரி பவர் அவுட்லெட்
          12V power socket to power your appliances, like phones or tyre inflators.
          trunk light
          Lighting for the boot area. It usually turns on automatically when the boot is opened.
          vanity mirror
          A mirror, usually located behind the passenger sun shade, used to check one's appearance. More expensive cars will have these on the driver's side and some cars even have this feature for rear seat passengers too.
          பின்புற வாசிப்பு விளக்கு
          A light provided in the rear seating area of the car. It allows passengers to read or see in the dark without disturbing the driver.
          பின்புற இருக்கை ஹெட்ரெஸ்ட்
          Adjustable cushions on the top of the rear seats that provide head support for passengers. They increase the comfort and safety of passengers.
          சரிசெய்யக்கூடிய ஹெட்ரெஸ்ட்
          Unlike fixed headrests, these can be moved up or down to offer the ideal resting position for the occupant's head.
          ரியர் சீட் சென்டர் ஆர்ம் ரெஸ்ட்
          A foldable armrest for the rear passengers, usually in the middle, which also comprises cup holders or other small storage spaces. When not in use, it can be folded back into the seat, so that an additional occupant can be seated.
          ஹெயிட் அட்ஜஸ்ட்டபிள் ஃபிரன்ட் சீட் பெல்ட்ஸ்
          A type of seat belt on which the height can be adjusted, to help improve comfort.
          cup holders முன்புறம்
          Storage spaces that are specifically designed to hold cups or beverage cans. Sometimes these can be cooled and heated too.
          cup holders பின்புறம்
          Storage space located in the rear part of the car's interior. It is designed to securely hold cups or bottles for backseat passengers.
          பின்புற ஏசி செல்வழிகள்
          Dedicated AC vents for the rear passengers, usually located between the front seats. Helps cool the rear compartment, while offering passengers the option to control the flow. Some rear AC vents allow for fan speed control.
          ஹீட்டட் சீட்ஸ் முன்புறம்
          Front seats equipped with a heating feature for comfort. Makes the seats cozy and warm on chilly days. Useful feature in cold climates.
          ஹீட்டட் சீட்ஸ் பின்புறம்
          Rear seats equipped with a heating feature for comfort. Makes the seats cozy and warm on chilly days. Useful feature for winters and long drives.
          seat lumbar support
          Additional support for the lower back in the car seats. It is adjustable (manual or powered), allowing users to adjust the level of support according to their preference.
          மல்டிஃபங்க்ஷன் ஸ்டீயரிங் வீல்
          A steering wheel that has many buttons to control various functions of the infotainment system and key car functions like cruise control. This allows the driver to manage these functions without taking their hands off the steering wheel.
          க்ரூஸ் கன்ட்ரோல்
          An electronic system that automatically maintains the car's speed set by the driver, reducing the need for constant pedal use. Useful feature for long highway drives.
          பார்க்கிங் சென்ஸர்கள்
          Sensors on the vehicle's exterior that use either ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves bouncing off objects to alert the driver of obstacles while parking.
          முன்புறம் & பின்புறம்
          முன்புறம் & பின்புறம்
          navigation system
          An in-car system that provides maps and directions. Helps in finding the shortest routes. Also gives an idea about the traffic situation on different routes.
          ஃபோல்டபிள் பின்புற இருக்கை
          Rear seats that can be folded down to create additional storage space.
          60:40 ஸ்பிளிட்
          40:20:40 ஸ்பிளிட்
          ஸ்மார்ட் ஆக்சஸ் கார்டு என்ட்ரி
          Allows you to lock/unlock the car by simply carrying the smart key with you, without using the buttons on a key.
          ஸ்மார்ட் கீ பேண்ட்
          A wearable device that acts as a key fob. It allows keyless entry and the ability to start the car without a traditional key.
          இன்ஜின் ஸ்டார்ட் ஸ்டாப் பட்டன்
          A button that allows starting or stopping the engine without using a traditional key. It enhances convenience.
          க்ளோவ் பாக்ஸ் கூலிங்
          A function in the glove box that allows you to keep food items and beverages cool for long durations.
          bottle holder
          A compartment in the car for holding bottles. Usually located in car door pockets. More bottle holders means more bottles can be stored at once.
          முன்புறம் & பின்புறம் door
          முன்புறம் & பின்புறம் door
          voice command
          A feature that allows the driver to operate some car functions using voice commands. Make using features easy without distractions.
          ஸ்டீயரிங் வீல் கியர்ஷிஃப்ட் பேடில்ஸ்
          Buttons behind the steering wheel for manual gear changes. Found in automatic cars and placed ergonomically, making gear changes easier.
          யூஎஸ்பி சார்ஜர்
          A port in the car that allows passengers to charge electronic devices like smartphones and tablets via USB cables.
          ஸ்டீயரிங் mounted tripmeterNoNo
          central console armrest
          An added convenince feature to rest one's hand on, while also offering features like cupholders or a small storage space.
          with storage
          with storage
          டெயில்கேட் ajar
          A warning to indicate that the vehicle's boot or tailgate isnt properly closed.
          gear shift indicator
          A display that shows the current gear the car is in. More advanced versions also suggest the most prefered gear for better efficiency.
          பின்புற கர்ட்டெயின்
          A covering for the car's rear window, which can provide privacy, reduce sunlight, and keep the interior cool. Useful on sunny days.
          லக்கேஜ் ஹூக் மற்றும் நெட்NoNo
          பேட்டரி சேவர்
          A feature designed to extend the battery's life by reducing unnecessary power drain when the car is not in use.
          lane change indicator
          Blinking lights on the car's sides that signal the intention to change lanes. It improves road safety.
          massage இருக்கைகள்
          A feature seen in higher-end cars designed to offer a massage to the occupant. Usually activated via the car's central infotainment screen.
          memory function இருக்கைகள்
          Seats that can remember and electrically adjust to preset positions at the touch of a button. Great feature if you have multiple drivers for one car.
          driver's seat only
          driver's seat only
          டிரைவ் மோட்ஸ்
          Various pre-set modes that adjust the car's performance characteristics to suit different driving conditions. These modes adjust how the car responds to the driver's input.
          ஏர் கண்டிஷனர்
          A car AC is a system that cools down the cabin of a vehicle by circulating cool air. You can select temperature, fan speed and direction of air flow.
          A heating function for the cabin. A handy feature in cold climates.
          அட்ஜஸ்ட்டபிள் ஸ்டீயரிங்
          Allows the driver to adjust the position of the steering wheel to their liking. This can be done in two ways: Tilt and/or Reach
          கீலெஸ் என்ட்ரிYesYes
          வென்டிலேட்டட் சீட்ஸ்
          In-built fans in the seat back and base that circulate air on the back/leg of the occupant.
          ஹெயிட் அட்ஜஸ்ட்டபிள் டிரைவர் சீட்
          Refers to a driver's seat that can be raised vertically. This is helpful for shorter drivers to find a better driving position.
          எலக்ட்ரிக்கலி அட்ஜஸ்ட்டபிள் சீட்ஸ்
          Seats that can be adjusted electronically. Usually seen in higher end cars.
          Front & Rear
          ஆட்டோமெட்டிக் ஹெட்லேம்ப்ஸ்
          Headlights that turn on and off automatically based on the time of day or environmental lighting conditions.
          ஃபாலோ மீ ஹோம் ஹெட்லேம்ப்ஸ்
          Headlights that stay on for a short period after turning off the car, illuminating the path to the driver's home or door.
          A tachometer shows how fast the engine is running, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). In a manual car, it helps the driver know when to shift gears.
          electronic multi tripmeter
          Measures the distance a vehicle has travelled for a particular trip. A multi-tripmeter can keep track of multiple distances. For example kilometres since the last fuel up and kilometres travelled since the last service. The different tripmeters can be reset by the user as and when needed.
          லெதர் சீட்ஸ்YesYes
          fabric upholstery
          Seat coverings made from cloth. Affects comfort and interior style.
          லெதர் ஸ்டீயரிங் வீல்YesYes
          glove compartment
          It refers to a storage compartment built into the dashboard of a vehicle on the passenger's side. It is used to store vehicle documents, and first aid kit among others.
          digital clock
          Refers to a display that shows the current time in a digital (numerical) format.
          outside temperature displayYesYes
          cigarette lighterYesYes
          digital odometer
          A meter that keeps track of the total kilometres a vehicle has travelled. This cannot be reset by an owner and serves as a record for tracking service intervals and waranty validity, and also is important when selling the vehicle.
          டிரைவிங் எக்ஸ்பீரியன்ஸ் கன்ட்ரோல் இகோNoYes
          ஃபோல்டபிள் டேபிள் இன் தி ரியர்
          Refers to a fold-out table tray attached either to the back of the front seats or in the central section of the rear seats.
          டூயல் டோன் டாஷ்போர்டு
          When the dashboard has two colours of trim it's called a dual tone dashboard.
          கூடுதல் வசதிகள்
          20.32cm tft colour display
          gear selector lever knob in leather
          driver information system
          17.78cm colour display
          பிளாக், excl. leather ‘nappa’ ஐவரி வெள்ளை எக்ஸ்க்ளுசிவ் stitching/piping in contrast
          வெளி அமைப்பு
          போட்டோ ஒப்பீடு
          Rear Right Sideஆடி ஏ6 Rear Right Sideபிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ் Rear Right Side
          Wheelஆடி ஏ6 Wheelபிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ் Wheel
          Taillightஆடி ஏ6 Taillightபிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ் Taillight
          Front Left Sideஆடி ஏ6 Front Left Sideபிஎன்டபில்யூ 6 சீரிஸ் Front Left Side
          available colorsfirmament நீல உலோகம்மன்ஹாட்டன் கிரே மெட்டாலிக்புராணங்கள் கருப்பு metallicபனிப்பாறை வெள்ளை உலோகம்ஏ6 colorsபெர்னினா கிரே அம்பர் விளைவுதான்சானைட் நீலம்கனிம வெள்ளைஎம் கார்பன் பிளாக் metallic6 series நிறங்கள்
          உடல் அமைப்பு
          அட்ஜஸ்ட்டபிள் ஹெட்லைட்கள்YesYes
          fog lights முன்புறம்
          Extra lights at the front of the car that improve visibility in foggy conditions. Useful during low visibility conditions under foggy weather.
          fog lights பின்புறம்
          Extra lights at the back of the car that make it more visible to other drivers in foggy conditions.
          power adjustable exterior rear view mirror
          Power-adjustable exterior rear view mirror is a type of outside rear view mirror that can be adjusted electrically by the driver using a switch or buttons.
          manually அட்ஜஸ்ட்டபிள் ext பின்புற கண்ணாடி
          Manually adjustable exterior rear view mirrors refer to stick-like controls inside the car that are used to adjust the angle of the exterior rear view mirrors.
          எலக்ட்ரிக்கலி ஃபோல்டிங் ரியர் வியூ மிரர்
          A vehicle's rear-view mirrors that can open and close at the touch of a button.
          rain sensing wiper
          Windshield wipers that activate on their own when they detect rain. Removes the need to turn the wipers ON/OFF when the rain starts/stops.
          ரியர் விண்டோ வைப்பர்
          A device that cleans the rear window with the touch of a button. Helps enhance visibility in bad weather.
          ரியர் விண்டோ வாஷர்
          A small nozzle that sprays water to clean the rear windshield. Helps in better cleaning of the rear windshield and improves rear visibility.
          ரியர் விண்டோ டிஃபோகர்
          A heating element in the rear window to remove fog and melt frost from the rear window.
          wheel coversNoNo
          அலாய் வீல்கள்
          Lightweight wheels made of metals such as aluminium. Available in multiple designs, they enhance the look of a vehicle.
          பவர் ஆன்ட்டெனாNoNo
          tinted glass
          Windows with a transparent thin film for privacy and to reduce sunlight. Saves the car interiors from direct sunlight. Also reduces glare and improves visibility during the day.
          பின்புற ஸ்பாய்லர்
          Increases downforce on the rear end of the vehicle. In most cars, however, they're used simply for looks.
          roof carrierNoNo
          sun roof
          A glass panel on the roof of a vehicle, either just over the front seats or extending further backward towards the rear.
          side stepper
          Side steppers are a convenience feature, usually offered in vehicles with high floors, to make it easier to step into or out of the car. They are either pemanently fixed near the side of the vehicle or deploy electrically. The latter is usually only with luxury cars.
          அவுட்சைடு ரியர் வியூ மிரர் டேர்ன் இண்டிகேட்டர்ஸ்
          An additional turn indicator located on the outside mirror of a vehicle that warns both oncoming and following traffic.
          integrated antennaYesYes
          குரோம் கிரில்
          A shiny silver finish on the grille of a vehicle.
          குரோம் கார்னிஷ
          Shiny glass-like decorative details on the car's exterior for a premium look.
          smoke headlampsNoNo
          ஆலசன் ஹெட்லேம்ப்ஸ்NoNo
          ஹெட்லேம்ப்களை மூலைவிட்டல்
          Headlights with extra bulbs that turn on when the steering wheel rotates left or right. Improves visibility at night while taking turns.
          roof rail
          Rails on the top of the car for carrying luggage. Useful if you have less storage inside the car or if you carry a lot of things while travelling.
          led headlightsdrl's, (day time running lights)
          led headlightsdrl's, (day time running lights)rain, sensing driving lightslaser, lightsled, tail lampsled, fog lightscornering, fog lights
          trunk opener
          எல்.ஈ.டி டி.ஆர்.எல்
          LED daytime running lights (DRL) are not to be confused with headlights. The intended purpose is to help other road users see your vehicle better while adding to the car's style.
          எல்.ஈ.டி ஹெட்லைட்கள்
          Refers to the use of LED lighting in the main headlamp. LEDs provide a bright white beam, making night driving safer.
          எல்.ஈ.டி டெயில்லைட்ஸ்
          Refers to the use of LED lighting in the taillamps.
          எல்.ஈ.டி மூடுபனி விளக்குகள்
          Refers to the use of LED lighting in the fog lamp. A fog lamp is placed low on the bumper to help illuminate the road and surrounding area, enhancing safety in foggy/rainy conditions.
          கூடுதல் வசதிகள்
          panoramic glass sunroofi, navigation with ஐ touch response4, zone air conditioningaudi, sound systemaudi, music interface in பின்புறம்
          பிஎன்டபில்யூ kidney grille with vertical slats in பிளாக் high-glossm, door sill finishers, illuminatedm, aerodynamics package with முன்புறம் apron, side skirts மற்றும் பின்புறம் apron with diffuser insert in dark shadow metallic‘m’, designation on the side panels in chromem, ஸ்போர்ட் brake with brake callipers in கருநீலம் metallic மற்றும் எம் logomirror, பேஸ், b-pillar finisher மற்றும் window guide rail in பிளாக் high-glosstrapezoidal, tailpipe finishers in chromewindow, recess cover மற்றும் finisher for window frame in பிளாக் high-glossbmw, laserlight with led low-beam headlights, led high-beam headlights with laser module with அப் க்கு 650m ரேஞ்ச், 4 led daytime running light ringsled, direction indicator மற்றும் led cornering light including auto உயர் beam assistance. includes adaptive headlights function, ப்ளூ laser design element மற்றும் எக்ஸ்க்ளுசிவ் பிஎன்டபில்யூ laserlight signatureframeless, windowsheat, protection glazingactive, air stream kidney grille
          ஆட்டோமெட்டிக் driving lights
          Car headlamps that automatically turn on in low light conditions and switch off in bright conditions.
          tyre size
          The dimensions of the car's tyres indicating their width, height, and diameter. Important for grip and performance.
          245/45/ R18
          F245/45 R19,R275/40 R19
          டயர் வகை
          Tells you the kind of tyres fitted to the car, such as all-season, summer, or winter. It affects grip and performance in different conditions.
          Runflat Tyres
          ஆன்டி லாக்கிங் பிரேக்கிங் சிஸ்டம்
          A safety system that prevents a car's wheels from locking up during hard braking to maintain steering control.
          brake assistYesYes
          central locking
          A system that locks or unlocks all of the car's doors simultaneously with the press of a button. A must-have feature in modern cars.
          சைல்டு சேஃப்டி லாக்ஸ்
          Safety locks located on the car's rear doors that, when engaged, allows the doors to be opened only from the outside. The idea is to stop the door from opening unintentionally.
          anti theft alarm
          An alarm system that sounds when anyone tries to access the car forcibly or break into it.
          no. of ஏர்பேக்குகள்
          டிரைவர் ஏர்பேக்
          An inflatable air bag located within the steering wheel that automatically deploys during a collision, to protect the driver from physical injury
          பயணிகளுக்கான ஏர்பேக்
          An inflatable safety device designed to protect the front passenger in case of a collision. These are located in the dashboard.
          side airbag முன்புறம்YesYes
          side airbag பின்புறம்NoNo
          day night பின்புற கண்ணாடி
          A rearview mirror that can be adjusted to reduce glare from headlights behind the vehicle at night.
          xenon headlampsNoNo
          seat belt warning
          A warning buzzer that reminds passengers to buckle their seat belts.
          டோர் அஜார் வார்னிங்
          A function that alerts the driver when any of the doors are open or not properly closed.
          traction controlYesYes
          tyre pressure monitor
          This feature monitors the pressure inside each tyre, alerting the driver when one or more tyre loses pressure.
          இன்ஜின் இம்மொபிலைஸர்
          A security feature that prevents unauthorized access to the car's engine.
          மேம்படுத்தப்பட்ட பாதுகாப்பு அம்சங்கள்
          ஆடி pre sense பேசிக், head ஏர்பேக்குகள்
          எலக்ட்ரிக் parking brake with auto hold function , car கி with எக்ஸ்க்ளுசிவ் எம் logopark, distance control (pdc) முன்புறம் மற்றும் rearbrake, energy regenerationactive, முன்புறம் seat headrestsactive, park distance control, rearhead, ஏர்பேக்குகள் முன்புறம் மற்றும் rearairbag, passenger side, deactivatable via keydynamic, பிரேக்கிங் lightsattentiveness, assistant பிஎன்டபில்யூ condition based servicecornering, brake controlelectric, parking brake with auto hold functionemergency, spare wheelrunflat, tyres with reinforced side wallswarning, triangle with first-aid kitbmw, ure advance includes tyres, alloys, engine ure, கி lost assistance மற்றும் கோல்ப் hole-in-oneroad, side assistance 24x7
          anti theft deviceYesYes
          ஸ்பீடு சென்ஸிங் ஆட்டோ டோர் லாக்
          A safety feature that automatically locks the car's doors once it reaches a certain speed. Useful feature for all passengers.
          முழங்காலுக்கான ஏர்பேக்குகள்
          Airbags positioned at knee level to provide additional protection during a front collision.
          isofix child seat mounts
          A secure attachment system to fix child seats directly on the chassis of the car.
          heads அப் display
          An additional display for the driver placed above the main display or even projected on the windshield, containing speed and trip details, so that the driver's vision stays on the road.
          pretensioners மற்றும் ஃபோர்ஸ் limiter seatbelts
          These mechanisms tighten up the seatbelts, or reduces their force till a certain threshold, so as to hold the occupants in place during sudden acceleration or braking.
          blind spot monitor
          A function of ADAS that uses radar to alert the driver if there are vehicles behind them that aren't fully visible in their mirror.
          hill descent control
          A system that controls the car's speed when going downhill by applying brakes to prevent overspeeding and improve control.
          hill assist
          A feature that helps prevent a car from rolling backward on a hill.
          இம்பேக்ட் சென்ஸிங் ஆட்டோ டோர் அன்லாக்YesYes
          360 வியூ கேமரா
          Cameras around the car that give a complete view of the surroundings. Helps in parking and avoiding obstacles while driving.
          பொழுதுபோக்கு மற்றும் தொடர்பு
          cd player
          A media player that reads compact discs (CDs) for audio/video playback.
          cd changer
          Allows multiple CDs to be loaded and played without manual swapping in the audio system.
          dvd player
          An in-car entertainment device that can read and play DVDs. Slightly outdated now because of new technology like bluetooth
          AM/FM radio tuner for listening to broadcasts and music. Mainly used for listening to music and news when inside the car.
          ஆடியோ சிஸ்டம் ரிமோட் கண்ட்ரோல்
          A remote to control the car's audio system without reaching for the dashboard. Makes controlling the audio system easy from all seats inside the car.
          பேச்சாளர்கள் முன்
          Sound system located near the dashboard or in the doors at the front of the car.
          ஸ்பீக்கர்கள் பின்புறம்
          Sound system speakers located at the back of the car. Usually found in the rear door panels or in the boot.
          இன்டெகிரேட்டட் 2DIN ஆடியோYesYes
          வயர்லெஸ் தொலைபேசி சார்ஜிங்
          Charges phones wirelessly via a charging pad. Useful feature for users with a smartphone that supports wireless charging.
          யுஎஸ்பி மற்றும் துணை உள்ளீடு
          A USB port for connecting external devices, like smartphones or MP3 players, to the car's audio system using a cable. Lets you play audio from your device through car speakers.
          ப்ளூடூத் இணைப்பு
          Allows wireless connection of devices to the car’s stereo for calls or music.
          தொடு திரை
          A touchscreen panel in the dashboard for controlling the car's features like music, navigation, and other car info.
          தொடுதிரை அளவு (inch)
          The size of the car's interactive display screen, measured diagonally, used for navigation and media. Larger screen size means better visibility of contents.
          The various ways the car can connect with devices or networks for communication and entertainment. More connectivity features mean easy access to files and car information.
          Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, SD Card Reader
          Android Auto, Apple CarPlay
          ஆண்ட்ராய்டு ஆட்டோ
          Connects Android smartphones with the car's display to access apps for music, chats or navigation.
          apple car play
          Connects iPhone/iPad with the car's display to access apps for music, chats, or navigation. Makes connectivity easy if you have an iPhone/iPad.
          internal storage
          Built-in storage in the car stereo for storing media files and other navigation data, software data and updates.
          no. of speakers
          The total count of speakers installed in the car for playing music. More speakers provide improved sound output.
          பின்புற என்டர்டெயின்மென்ட் சிஸ்டம்
          Screens mounted at the back of the front seats. These provide entertainment options to the passengers in the back seat.
          கூடுதல் வசதிகள்
          electrically extending high-resolution 20.32cm colour display
          3d map representation with display of lots of sightseeing information மற்றும் சிட்டி models
          detailed route information: map preview, choice of alternative routes, lane recoendations, motorway exits, detailed junction maps
          access க்கு smartphone voice control
          driver information system with 17.78cm colour display
          bose surround sound system
          dvd player
          audi sound system
          harman kardon surround sound systeidrive, touch with handwriting recognition, high-resolution (1920x720 pixels) 31 cm 12.3” control displaybmw, operating system 7.0 with variable configurable widgetsnavigation, function with 3d mapsbmw, virtual assistantscreen, mirroring - transfer from screen of ஏ suitable mobile device into the பின்புறம் displaywireless, சார்ஜிங் with extended functionality2, எக்ஸ் யுஎஸ்பி connections in centre console
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            • ஸ்பேர் டயர் பூட் -டில் நிறைய இடத்தை எடுத்துக் கொள்கிறது

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