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Abhijeet Singh
  Since his early days, Abhijeet Singh has always been considered a mentalist for speed. He reserves a nice sounding engine as a symphony orchestra. Recognised as a bit left field thinker, he states that all iconic vehicles on the planet, apart from their engines and designs, had a soulful character contributing to their greatness. Having driven cars from Lamborghinis to Nanos to even tractors, Abhijeet believes all vehicles have a character that forms an integral part of our lives, ‘imagine where mankind could have reached without cars’. Being a critic, his knowledge and skill extend both on four-wheels and two-wheels. Art experts around the globe argue that cars can never be art, but Abhijeet begs to differ. Also an avid photographer, he mentions that through the lens of an artist, cars are one of the most beautiful subjects. Both an engineer and MBA, he holds a keen eye for the product as well as corporate proficiency of the automobile industry.
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