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க்யா ஸ்போர்டேஜ் பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

Kia Sportage
54 மதிப்பீடுகள்
Rs. 25.0 லட்சம்*
*estimated price
அறிமுகம் செய்யப்பட்டால் எனக்கு குறிப்புணர்த்துக
ரேட்டிங் ஒப்பி க்யா ஸ்போர்டேஜ்
அடிப்படையிலான 54 பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

க்யா ஸ்போர்டேஜ் பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

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  • Kia is a good car

    Kia Sportage is a stunning car. Better than I thought. Nice exterior and interior of the car. A good safety system. The car is coming soon on the floor and we are eagerly waiting for this beauty. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் jemis kasodariya
    On: Apr 15, 2019 | 166 Views
  • This Is Very Nice And Superior

    Ultimate car from KIA motors. I'm waiting for this car. I Love all the pics.

    இதனால் rajnesh dahiya
    On: Mar 27, 2019 | 40 Views
  • Kia Sportage

    Good car, and energetic than other cars. Very good car in terms of features.

    இதனால் lal bahadur singh
    On: Mar 10, 2019 | 60 Views
  • Kia Sportage is the best in all over India

    As per all over India at present Kia is the best and no comparison to Sportage. I am also waiting for Sportage.

    இதனால் ghanshyam meena
    On: Dec 19, 2019 | 23 Views
  • Best Car.

    Best car in Kia motors and looking good best price and best-fit cars.

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Oct 23, 2019 | 20 Views
  • Lovely Car.

    Nice car. currently, I am using it a gulf specification 1.6 GDI engine with a top variation. Hope to buy one in India too. very smooth and lovely car. the interior is super. Waiting for its lunch in India. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் dr mohammad
    On: May 29, 2019 | 23 Views
  • Best SUV in Sport Look

    This car design is looking amazing, I think it will be finest suv's in the world. There interior looking cool and adjustable.

    இதனால் pankaj kumar
    On: Apr 06, 2019 | 20 Views
  • Special Car.

    Kia something special shows the photos are luxury and attractive designed and the price is also good.

    இதனால் danny
    On: Mar 16, 2019 | 24 Views
  • Amazing Car.

    Kia is amazing in the car of this style. I want this car. My uncle has this car Sportage.

    இதனால் roshan bharti
    On: Jan 03, 2020 | 18 Views
  • Good car

    The look is premium, mileage is not good. Its the price is good I personally like this one car and future is soo good

    இதனால் pavitra kumar mahato
    On: Mar 07, 2020 | 20 Views
  • Good looking

    Very nice car and sporty looks. I am waiting for this car.

    இதனால் hansraj
    On: Feb 06, 2019 | 37 Views
  • Sportage car is excellent

    I drive that car in Europe. it's a very good car that's come to India.  Coming Soon in India......

    இதனால் pardeep kumar
    On: Jan 28, 2019 | 78 Views
  • I m not driving but i think is the best .....!!!

    Looks like very classy and elegant. I think real experience is more best feeling of KIA Sportage. So, my best wishes for you KIA Sportage welcome in India.

    இதனால் ajay kesharwani
    On: Jan 23, 2019 | 52 Views
  • I love to drive kia cars

    Kia cars are the best cars in the whole world. I love Kia cars, the design is ultimate and features are very high level updated.

    இதனால் satpal baghel
    On: Jan 22, 2019 | 29 Views
  • No doubt I am waiting

    The Kia Sportage comes with nice features, nice dashboard, nice color, nice price and is much better than the other cars.

    இதனால் saurabh bhargava
    On: Jan 16, 2019 | 43 Views
  • My first choise in suv cars in my bugget

    I like this car and its design was awesome and very nice SUV in India and price is wonderful And overall I like it...

    இதனால் paramveee
    On: Jan 15, 2019 | 398 Views
  • Kia is coming all suv is going

    KIA is the best compact SUV in India very nice compact SUV and very good Design with all features. I like SUVs...

    இதனால் balkrishna khandagale
    On: Jan 13, 2019 | 70 Views
  • Amazing Car.

    Looks of this car are outstanding and the interior is also good. The performance is awesome.  

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Mar 06, 2019 | 29 Views
  • Kia Sportage has sporty look

    Kia Sportage is an excellent car. I'm waiting for the car and want to drive as soon as possible.

    இதனால் raghavendra murthy ஜி
    On: Feb 15, 2019 | 65 Views
  • Ultimate SUV

    Kia Sportage is a great SUV like a monster. 

    இதனால் sohail warsi
    On: Feb 08, 2019 | 54 Views
  • Kia is a good car

    Kia Sportage is a stunning car. Better than I thought. Nice exterior and interior of the car. A good safety system.....The car is coming soon on the floor and we are eagerly waiting for this beauty..... மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் mohsin sait
    On: Jan 07, 2019 | 73 Views
  • Extraordinary

    It's a good and nice car which is the most sold car in other countries...KIA is been giving great cars in other countries and now they are here in India with this muscle on the floor... மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் l.shiva kumarprasen
    On: Jan 04, 2019 | 49 Views
  • Perfect choice of perfect family

    Beautiful, decent, reasonable, fully loaded SUV worth buying for family...the car will be a lion on the Indian Roads............

    இதனால் kutub mahuvawala
    On: Jan 03, 2019 | 77 Views
  • The king of road is arriving.

    Looking like most powerful n stunning SUV. This SUV will break all records in India soon. Kia motors will settle in top 5 in India very soon.

    இதனால் amol a chavan
    On: Jan 12, 2019 | 118 Views
  • Kia sportage

    It is a nice SUV, I am waiting for it. I want Kia motor to maintain it's global quality in India.

    இதனால் dr raghu upadhyaya
    On: Jan 12, 2019 | 36 Views
  • Awesome Car

    I have been using Kia sports age for the last 2 years. Worth more than expected.

    இதனால் vrunjal mhatre
    On: Jan 11, 2019 | 75 Views
  • Worst car ever

    The car has a very poor pickup. Here in London... I m driving this car for 2 years and I also have a Lamborghini. But I cannot feel the Pickup, to be honest...

    இதனால் rhythm baghel
    On: Jan 08, 2019 | 295 Views
  • Kia car excellent car

    Kia car is wow I love Kia car because interior excellent engine very good Everyone buys Kia car...the car is gonna be the new hike to the automobile in India...

    இதனால் sk javed akhatar
    On: Jan 07, 2019 | 30 Views
  • Unique car

    The best car and having very unique shape infect all KIA cars have a good shape. only we have to see the average of the car.

    இதனால் sharad
    On: Jan 07, 2019 | 25 Views
  • Hari Prasad

    It is a very excellent car, and I think the price is very low, It has so many features like luxury cars......

    இதனால் hariprasad rayudu
    On: Jan 05, 2019 | 248 Views
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