Mahindra E Verito
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    Rs.9.13 லட்சம்*
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Rs.9.13 லட்சம் *
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      Can we charge electric vehicle at home with normal charger points

      Paras asked on 9 Mar 2022

      Yes, the Mahindra E Verito can be charged using a conventional home socket. The ...

      மேலும் படிக்க
      By Cardekho experts on 9 Mar 2022

      Five seater or seven சீடர்

      RamDas asked on 1 Mar 2021

      Mahindra E Verito has a seating capacity of 5 people.

      By Cardekho experts on 1 Mar 2021

      वर्तमान में महिंद्रा எலக்ட்ரிக் கார் mein kaun si மாடல் uplabdh hai

      Dharmendra asked on 16 Feb 2021

      Mahindra E Verito is the only electric car from Mahindra.

      By Cardekho experts on 16 Feb 2021

      What ஐஎஸ் the battery capacity?

      B asked on 9 Dec 2020

      Sar Mahindra D4 model verito all spare part available

      By Raja on 9 Dec 2020

      this எலக்ட்ரிக் car? க்கு Do we need to get license

      Keyurh asked on 20 Nov 2020

      Can we charge electric vehicle at home with normal plugs

      By Paras on 20 Nov 2020

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