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What are the variants of Honda Amaze?

There are total of 12 variants available in Honda Amaze out of which 7 are petrol variants and remaining 5 are diesel. In petrol Variants, 5 are of manual transmission and 2 are of automatic transmission. The Variants are as follow: - Honda Amaze E i VTEC Honda Amaze EX i VTEC Honda Amaze S i VTEC Honda Amaze SX i VTEC Honda Amaze VX i VTEC Honda Amaze S AT i VTEC Honda Amaze VX AT i VTEC Honda Amaze E i DTEC Honda Amaze EX i DTEC Honda Amaze S i DTEC Honda Amaze SX i DTEC Honda Amaze VX AT i VTEC Honda Amaze VX i DTEC

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