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A pleasant journey!

A pleasant journey!

Not too while ago, bought a W6 Automatic model with some suspicions in mind 1) Quality of Drive 2) Service 3) Price vs Brand!. It is not a speedster, doesn't have a sporty dual-clutch gearbox. But it always keeps me, my family smile, comfortable, safe and confident! XUV is often compared to the speed and stable cars like Vento( which also I have) but that would be not logical. Yet its VGT and punch from 140bhp (Bosch, I suppose) together with Automatic( trusted Torque Converter from AISIN, Japan) gearbox will still keep you on track, ready for another spring! German-Indian made engine, Japanese gearbox, German security systems (ABS, EBD, ESP, etc), 5star - rating in saving your life (Crash tests) and True Indian Design( yes, the first draft is by an Indian Woman - Women power!). With tons of fancy features( Rain sensor, Android auto...etc), this car is the best value for money! Absolutely no doubt. 1) Quality of Drive: Steering response is pretty good for the size of this car. The throttle response is also decent. The gearbox will keep you comfortable and you better let it do its job. The manual gearbox (like most of the torque Converters.) This is mated with a VGT, and to me, this is a far far better option than a rubber-band CVT! The double-clutch gearbox is desirable - but, logically, this is never be used as a super racing typo! So, VGT with TC - is ideal for most of the users. Compared to many other cars of this size and price - it has less body-roll too. However, the slow rides (<20kmph)are kind of bumpy! The road presence is excellent! and the commanding seating position too. A lot of space - especially for the middle row. Luggage space is plenty if the third row is folded. Compared to my sedan - peace of mind! in every way - High ground clearance, very low cost on maintenance, decent mileage (My use: Bangalore city - peak traffic - 9kmpl and on highway 14-15kmpl) Very practical, good for daily use, very comfortable (not what I call sporty though) 2) Service: I had absolutely no hope on this regard but for XUV, Reva and Rexton - they have different treatment and dedicated services altogether. Never had any problem with service or helps from Mahindra service. Absolutely happy about their transparency and helping nature. (Never had any timeliness experience from any car services that I own till now. so, not considering that.) 3) Price vs Brand!? It is undoubtedly the best value for money. Mahindra is no more a tractor and jeep company.  Definitely the cheap plastic used for the interior. AC quality can be better. Infotainment is good but with very annoying Infos (that I am not interested - such as ac vent directions, steps ...) that appears time to time which blocks the operations. The low-speed ride can be better. And yes, sound insulation can be much improved. But overall, I am a very happy customer, and to me, its a complete family car.

இதனால் anonymous
On: ஏப்ரல் 06, 2019 | 51 Views
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  • A Superb SUV With Amazing Features

    I am using the car for the last 9 months and it's just awesome. I had a great trip from Hyderabad to Nashik and Mahabaleshwar and we enjoyed the experience. I drove almos...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் saikat banerjee
    On: Aug 23, 2020 | 259 Views
  • Best In Class

    Just Wow feels better than Fortuner on long drives. Good average and smooth drive in the city as well as on the highway. Good on-road appearance.

    இதனால் virender pawdia
    On: Aug 08, 2020 | 40 Views
  • Excellent SUV

    Using XUV 500 X-7 for the last 2 years and am completely satisfied. I didn't face any issues as of now and it is an excellent choice.

    இதனால் vimal bhola
    On: Aug 18, 2020 | 36 Views
  • Powerhouse.

    The SUV with the comforts of a luxury sedan. Highly recommended mileage is also good with great performance.

    இதனால் imran nazir
    On: Sep 21, 2020 | 24 Views
  • Beautiful Beast

    Power, comfort, and convenience with fully loaded safety features in the W11 O variant. Excellent ride quality. Although the third row can be more comfortable still it's ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Sep 20, 2020 | 55 Views
  • Amazing car

    Nice car for traveling. It is really good. 4x4 or AWD is good for off-road.

    இதனால் shashanka pratim
    On: Sep 20, 2020 | 10 Views
  • Awesome Car

    its a plane on wheels gives feels of business class traveling 5 star for front and back seats 3 star for, 3rd-row ac is good speakers are great outside visibility is awes...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் sagar arora
    On: Sep 17, 2020 | 59 Views
  • Excellent Product

    Good features and safety. The mileage is too good. I get 17kms/l. I love to drive this car for long drives.

    இதனால் c kavin
    On: Sep 14, 2020 | 25 Views
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