Hyundai i10: The coolest hatchback I have ever owned

Hyundai i10: The coolest hatchback I have ever owned

Hyundai made its debut in India with a great car- The hyundai Santro which was an instant success and continues to provide the indian markets with more great cars even till now. Among these, the one which followed the Santro, the Hyundai i10 was also a runaway success and it is also one of the first choices that comes to the minds of those looking towards the mid range hatchbacks category. I had this wonderful opportunity to get my hands on one in 2010. Oh, what a wonderful car it is. I remember my first moments of owning it. To tell about the car, first of all, what i liked the most is the extra spacious cabin that it offers at this price. From my experience, i think the front passenger and the driver in an i10 gets a lot of legroom even more than what a higher swift dzire offers! As for the rear passengers, the i10 offers a decent legroom but which gets immensely small if the front passenger or driver wishes to push the seat even a bit backwards. As for the headroom, the i10 offers a very large, greater than what's required, headroom which gives its occupants more than enough space for any enjoyment inside the car while on a picnic or so. While the driver and one more passenger occupy the front, three adult passengers can easily fit in the rear with extra space and even 4 people can sit quite comfortably if willing to adjust a little bit.Whoa! Then, the car offers decent bootspace as the company states or lots and lots of space as I say. Anyway, it got to be the largest among its competitors. Among the features it offers, the only thing i didn't like is the front-only power windows but which is automatic. How's that?? I wish there were power windows in the rear too in all variants..All other features are cool- powerful AC , superb music players , central locking..etc. except for the outdated speedometer. The speedometer looks so outdated but I think Hyundai will take care of that in the coming years. Now, coming to the appearances of the car, the car is so stylish whether from the front or the back but we can say only "not bad" when looking from the sides due to the awkward curvature of the hood. The car not only got stylish headlamps but also powerful ones too..and the reflectors on the rear add a finishing touch to the already glamourous rear. It's distinctive side molding also imparts sporty looks and prevents side scratches to body by acting as a first point of contact. As for the performance of the car, I'd say "outstanding". Hyundai had packed a 1.1L engine under the hood, massive for such a mid sized car, capable of giving tremendous power and believe me, the car can easily soar to greater than 100kmph even with 4 passengers + driver + cargo which i had really experienced during our family tour in the recent time. Then, the gear shift, clutches, pedals,steering..etc. are all nice, smooth and easy giving a comfortable and easy handling of the car. Driving this car is a real pleasure.

இதனால் mohammed firose
On: dec 27, 2016 | 85 Views
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  • for Magna 1.1L

    Hyundai i 10 a complete Hatchback

    I purchased i 10 Magna model in 2010 and switched over to i10 from Tata Indica Petrol, which I used for almost 3 years. I drove i10 for almost 7.5 years before I went for...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் jasmin vakhariya
    On: Aug 14, 2017 | 28184 Views
  • Nice Car With Smother Driving.

    Good car with low maintenance, yes mileage is only issued otherwise its the best car. The safety feature in the car is not good may be due to the old version.

    இதனால் bikram das
    On: Jul 31, 2021 | 47 Views
  • Good Car

    All the tyres are recently replaced by new tyres. Engine oil is also recently changed. Gear oil is also changed. It gives a mileage of 19 KMPL.

    இதனால் s s
    On: Feb 19, 2021 | 60 Views
  • for Era

    Very good and managable family car

    I own a hyundai i10 2010 model. Its been more than 6 years i am using this car, and till date other than regular servicing, I have spent only 20,000 on servicing (becuase...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் vikas
    On: Jan 13, 2017 | 1309 Views
  • for Magna 1.1L

    I 10 magna

    I am a proud owner of this car for last 7 years. i am 67 years old retired professional. this is the 7th car i am using now. i get a very happy sense of driving a safe ca...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் vijay kumar jainverified Verified Buyer
    On: Jan 13, 2017 | 214 Views
  • for Sportz 1.1L

    Better built and reliable car

    Hyundai i10 is proved to be very reliable car during my 6 years of ownership. For me this is top most priority and I dont like to get stranded on a road or leaving my car...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் aravindan m
    On: Jan 18, 2017 | 285 Views
  • for Magna 1.1L

    Best City Driving Car

    What to say and where to start. i10 is my first car, on which I have started learning driving in 2014. Best thing about the car is its Steering module. It is effortless a...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் prabhu kumarverified Verified Buyer
    On: Jan 18, 2017 | 112 Views
  • for Magna 1.1L

    Small but Packs A Punch

    A little city car that has got plenty to live up to. Sharp looks and a sweet but old 1.1-litre engine is still the drivetrain in this car. It's all about quality here - t...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ralph.hugh
    On: Jan 17, 2017 | 91 Views
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