Stay away from Mobilio...serious safety risk!

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Stay away from Mobilio...serious safety risk!

I have been a loyal Honda customer for about last 20 years! I purchased Honda Mobilio within the very first month of its launch, mainly because I liked the exterior shape of this car from trusted Honda family. However, I have been extremely disappointed over the last six months of my use of this car and would like everyone to read this review before making their purchase: Quality of Workmanship of Electronics: There is a serious malfunction in the electronics of Mobilio and after frequent visits to the dealership, I have discovered that I am not the only one suffering from this issue! There are a lot of customers suffering from this problem: the central locking, music system and lights of the car blow up every couple of weeks! Luckily for me, only the non-essential electronics are blowing up but I am worried what if there is a electronic fault and the doors, windows etc. lock up and the car goes up in flames? The Honda dealership I purchased this is least bothered about the problem as it doesn't really impact their bottom-line! Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox: It seems like in order to improve the Fuel Economy of the car, what the Indian designers of Honda have done is SIMPLY REMOVE parts from the original car and/or replace with lighter materials. As a result the car is extremely light and handles accordingly. However, the biggest downside of this car is that the car is so light that if you are driving on highway and an ALTO doing 60/70 kmph passes you, the entire car starts shaking! It definitely doesn't give you a feeling that you are driving a safe car! So if you want to use this as a second car at home for taking around your kids, safety is a serious concern and you should think before buying the car! The mileage that we have been getting on this Petrol vehicle in City driving is 11-12 kmpl and 13-14 kmpl in Highway driving even after 8 months/14000 kms of driving! Exterior: Shape is appealing but the sheet material used for this car is extremely thin/light keeeping in mind the all important aspect of mileage! So if there is an accident, God can only help the occupants of this car! As it is in India, there are no regulations and accident tracking on CRASH TESTING and even the established auto players have been taking advantage of lives of Indians in this regard! Interior (Features, Space

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On: ஜூன் 10, 2015 | 12574 Views
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Honda Mobilio
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emmanuel dumlao
Sep 17, 2020 7:09:15 PM

I had my 1.5 MT honda mobilio serviced a week ago. Honda told me that my car's brake calipers are already damaged and must be replaced. It is barely two years old with 17,000 kms mileage.

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    pargat singh
    Aug 5, 2019 7:26:43 PM

    Don't purchase honda. The agency set up the alarm system that you have to get it serviced within 6 months else it will start creating problems . Specially filters start getting choked third grade

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      Aug 8, 2018 11:44:46 PM

      Once u get used to it u will understand that it will give u more control over ur vehicle. Gives u more control while over 100-120. For those who complains about the vehicle try using its for one month and drive at least 1000 Kms. After that u will understand most vehicle peer to it is bad. Only problem I felt so far is its engine sound. Should have done some thing about it.

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