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Just added பல்ஸ் to my life... n its truely pulsating....

for ரஸ்ல் ஏபிஎஸ்

Just added Pulse to my life... N its truely pulsating....

Look and Style: Though it is a modified version of Micra, Pulse looks more wicked and masculine. The front look of the car has been given a mean finish and is an eye catcher (The huge Renault sign). However, i am not very happy with the rear look of the car, its the same as micra.   Comfort  The interiors are again dreamy, especially the color offered in the Rxl variant. Thr red and dark red interiors available in RxL variant are better than the beige ones offered in the high-end variant and go best with the red color Pulse. The seats are comfortable and the car is compact but spacious, and so is the legroom. The tachometer has many features, it calculates the average, etc. The side mirrors can not only be adjusted from the inside but also opened and closed too, which adds a luxurious touch to it.   Pickup-Awesome pick up. 1500 cc engine (1461 cc) provides gr8 acceleration. Mileage The engine is 1500 cc, smooth, and makes very less noise (as compared to other diesel cars - especially polo n fabia). I cannot confirm the fuel economy as of now. But hope it to be 19-23 pl. The gearbox is smooth and better than many cars.   Best Features  I would like to give Ride quality 5 stars - I couldnt get my hands off the new pulse, i enjoyed driving it through the city roads and also on highway.   Needs to improve The tail lights (the rear design) does not do justice to the front mean look.   Overall Experience  First I was very apprehensive about buying this car, as its a micra lookalike and Renault is relatively new in India. But after buying the new Pulse, I am extremely satisfied with its looks and performance. The speed, mileage, features offered (at such reasonable price in comparison with its competitors in this segment) and the front look are the attractive features which interested me the most.  

இதனால் parteek
On: ஏப்ரல் 07, 2012 | 2182 Views
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Renault Pulse
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