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How is the performance of Toyota Etios?

As per the performance wise Toyota Etios is decent as it is getting the 1.4 Litre D- 4D diesel engine motor which has the capability to produce maximum power of 67.04 bhp at 170 Nm while the 1.5 Litre DOHC petrol comes that churns 88.5 bhp of peak power at 132 Nm of max torque. Now in fuel efficiency of car as the diesel motor delivers 23.29 kmpl of mileage while petrol engine returns an mileage of  16.78kmpl. The motor feels best at moderate speeds and even the throttle response is smoother. Petrol engine comprises of four cylinders and sixteen valves using double overhead camshaft based valve configuration and  displacement capacity of 1496cc, whereas diesel engine comprises of four cylinders and eight valves using single overhead camshaft based valve configuration with displacement capacity of 1364cc.  

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