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Tata Aria was launched way back in early 2010 was created quite a stir, but it never seen its lime light. It was over shadowed by Innova from the very first day and from 2011 XUV 500 supressed the Aria further down. However, it has its successor now The HEXA. TATA's New BOMBARDIER How the new stag is: By looks, Congrats!! Tata on your design language. Tata always play safe, when it comes to design. Up to now Tata only has two design theme, the convex curves for hatchbacks and sedans and straight lines for SUVs. However the HEXA looks will strikes you even with just a glimpse. If Storme takes references from LR's design. The HEXA will be a heavily inspired one and it's apparent. In a word, it works well. The level of attention to detail in Hexa was never seen in any other Tata products before. The only view that reminds its predecessor is from front. The headlamps assembly are identically same as that of Aria. However the heavily sculpted front bumper and trapezoidal grille sets it apart. Blacked out double barrel projector headlamp is neatly profiled but it misses out the integrated DRL's. The restyled front bumper with skid plates, enormous side cladding and 19' inch diamond cut wheels enhance its sporty appeal. The side profile where Hexa stood its ground, the sheer size of the car gives it a sturdy presence on tarmac. Overall design has been very European than ever before for example the door handles gets a chrome strip rather than a complete chrome casing. The chrome piping that starts at the A-Pillar and wraps itself at the rear was a neat touch. A good point for Tata over there. The side cladding breaks the mass of the car and makes it more SUV than MUV which it's based. The D-pillar is one of the best looking in the business with floating roof look. The side badging and the door mounted OVRM's gives it a premium touch. At the rear which gets integrated spoiler, elegantly profiled tail lamps, corrugated tail gate scuff plates and beautifully shaped reflectors takes Tata to the next level. The chrome detailed double pipe exhaust system and race cars inspired diffuser at the lower portion of the bumper all this says that it was designed by JLR's parent company. Feel from inside: The money that goes for the exterior design is from the interiors. The steering and infotainment is directly uplifted from Tiago and the shifting unit is from Safari storme. The lettering on the dials is sized down to appear premium. The TFT display between the dials provides rudimentary information about the cars condition. Push start button is saved for facelift version. It gets LR's style driving modes Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough road. When it comes to Tata products, irrespective of the category it should have some incorrigible mistakes. In case Hexa it's wiper blades. How hard it can be to hide those wiper blades from drivers view. Typically Tata The squared out glass housing makes the cabin airy and brings ample amount of light into it. The heavy A-pillar may obstruct the side view. It may not have a wow! Factor but at the same time a practical and a comfortable place to be. The connectivity options are on bar with the rivals. Seating hierarchy: Hexa is expected to launch with both 7 and 8 seats variants. While the 8 seater will gets a bench in the second row and seven seater will get a captain seats. In front seats as a Tata's SUV you will find a commanding position with a clear view all around yourself. Talking about the second row, which is the business portion of this car. The second rows gets its own B-Pillar mounted AC vents and also the central one placed at the bottom. The iPad and AUX can be connected from the second row itself. The bolstering of the seats are generous and expected to provide a plush and comfort ride in long distance travel. It can be moved to free the room and can be tumbled for accessing the third row. In third row, the adults have to seats in slightly knees up position. However for two adults, it will be comfortable for short trips. It also has individual AC bowler units. Power for the mammoth: It shares the diesel mill from its siblings the Storme 2.2L Varicor 400. It develops 154 bhp and 400Nm of torque delivers through wheels by 6 speed MT and it get the job done for a highway cruiser. However in Hexa it may squeezed for extra power and torque. Tata is work hard to keep the NVH levels in check. The vehicle dynamics can be discovered once we get our hands on wheels. Proportions: It measures 4764mm long, 1895mm wide and 1780mm tall with a wheelbase of 2850mm. It knocks the door of its big brothers the Toyota Fortuner when it comes to size. The groud clearance is expected to be on bar with safari. Verdicts: Taking a car that didn't went quite well in its first avatar and works hard on a heavily revamped version of it that is Tata's current market strategy. Tata has learned its lessons from Zest and bolt. What is Hexa then? A SUV by looks and MUV by purpose targeting the urban and semi urban sectors. At the moment its only closest rival is XUV 500. It checks all the right boxes for a crossover/SUV. It also has all the bells and whistles for a flagship Model. The core value of Tata like plush ride quality and more car per car principle been on its upsides. Where the gamble service network and longevity pulls it down. The segment leader the Innova, left the segment and went to next level, where there is no rival. It lefts the space for new segment leader. If Tata is pricing the Hexa appropriately then Hexa will be a clean swipe for Tata. Up to that, it is worth waiting. Written by, Praveen Danny +91 975522155

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