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Superb car. The best model in Maruti comp.i much more Love it. Exterior It has excellently designed exterior. But the placement of ORVMs is the problem - ORVMs are blocking the view on both left and right side, Human being or two-wheeler are completely blocked when the come between A-pillar and ORVM. This is a very dangerous situation when taking a turn. Need to redesign the ORVMs and increase the front door glass size. Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) The storage space is more than enough and well-conceived. The quality of plastic is poor and sounds like travelling in an auto when travelling over rough roads. Seats are not properly designed. They say its a bucket design, but doesn't have the width of a normal human being and the back support is poor for front seats. The back seats need 3 to 5 degrees more reclining (tilt) facility. Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Engine is a proved one performance is great. But asks for lower gears when slowed down. I got a fuel economy of 10 to 11 KMPL in city condition and 11 to 12 KMPL on Highway during summer. 12 to 13 KMPL in city condition and 13 to 14 KMPL on Highway during winter. Which I feel less than the Maruti stated fuel economy. And gearbox has a problem in first gear and reverse gear. It requires little more effort to keep in first and reverses gears. Ride Quality & Handling Ride quality is poor. Even crossing over a small pebble also felt inside. Turns are not smooth.

இதனால் dhaval patel
On: Jul 05, 2019 | 255 Views
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