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Owninig a மஹிந்திரா போலிரோ Power (SLX)

b lal malsawma on ஏப்ரல் 09, 2019

Owninig a Mahindra Bolero Power (SLX)

I bought a Mahindra Bolero Power+ SLX in December 2018 from Aizawl, Mizoram, wherein the dealer took care of all necessary documentation and registration process. My previous car was a Hyundai i10, and as my first time driving an SUV, I was at first hesitated to drive in busy tight traffic and narrow roads of my city as the size differs from an i10. But, the ease of driving amazed me, and without any scratch, I reached home safely after 50 minutes drive. In 4 months, I have covered about 9000 Km, traveling to and fro in the city, on the highway and as well on a steep, bumpy hilly area where the road conditions varied from good, bad to worst. And Servicing is good, no complaints whatsoever, though we have to wait a bit. Driving: Being equipped with a 3 cylinder 1493cc diesel engine, 70hp & 195Nm of Torque; driving the Bolero feels so much surprisingly good though it's not that impressive in specifications. The roads here are narrow, steep and often congested. But maneuverability is easy to direct through city traffic, and the engine responded well to bad roads and on steep hilly areas even at low revs. On the open roads, the speed built up is not that quick, it takes its own time, but there is an ample amount of pulling power under that hood. And the engine noise is minimal even at high revs, thanks to its insulation. Other factors like brakes, gear ratio, and pedal responsiveness are OK; not that great, but good. And due to the engine's capacity, fuel consumption is lower than its counterpart SLX 2523cc, though haven't tested in exact numbers, on traveling the same distance in a day on a rural road with fully fueled, the expense on fuel consumption is much lesser in Power+ SLX than of that SLX 2523cc. Riding: It's quite comfortable at low speed. However, the faster you go, even at a mere 60 kmph, cornering feels like swinging, fairly bouncy with high body rolls and the passenger easily gets motion sickness. But, as already said, ride quality feels good at low speed. So, its drivability is amazing in both city and highway, but maintaining the speed in corners is required for a quality ride. Pros: 1. Low fuel consumption. 2. Maneuverability. Efficient and powerful engine. 3. Ample amount of luggage space, better with a carrier. 4. Good interior space. 5. Enough ground clearance Cons: 1. Materials are not up to the mark at its price tags. 2. Bouncy, body rolls at higher speed. 3. Fog light is not fitted. Needs extra cash. 4. The audio system can be better.

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  • A
    akther khan on Aug 05, 2020

    Long Time Experience

    I own a bolero Power plus zlx. a car that justifies its price. Overall the car is good. A drawback of this car is braking otherwise the car is good, powerful ac, good pickup, Mahindra should improve t...மேலும் படிக்க

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  • M
    manish kala on Jul 29, 2020

    Decent Car

    Pros. Build quality is good. Cons. After-sales service not good. The service cost is very high in the company service centre.மேலும் படிக்க

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  • M
    mainuddin ahmed on Jul 11, 2020

    Good Car

    This is a very nice car and it is good for a long drive. 

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  • D
    david on May 16, 2020

    My Lovable Vehicle

    This is the on No.1 vehicle. We like its safety, performance and stylish with comfortable drive better than other cars.மேலும் படிக்க

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  • G
    golu on May 13, 2020

    Best Budget SUV

    I am using Bolero ZLX's new model for the last 3 years it is very good to drive in bumpy roads also with full power. The driver seat is very comfortable with seat adjustable so the legroom space is ve...மேலும் படிக்க

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  • S
    salim ahmed on Apr 12, 2020

    Rating Of Bolero Power Plus.

    Performance and mileage are good but safety and comfort not satisfied. Airconditioned not satisfactory. Style is moderate and needs to be upgraded. The rear suspension is not fit with the time. Got 20...மேலும் படிக்க

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  • L
    laxminarayan marke on Apr 10, 2020

    Bolero Is Best Suv

    Bolero is best SUV but is rainy season offroading performance is bad but this SUV is a powerful SUV.

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  • M
    mayur autade on Apr 01, 2020

    Awesome Car

    Powerful engine in Bolero. Mileage is best. Pickup is unbelievable. You can buy Bolero without any problem.மேலும் படிக்க

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