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போர்டு ஃபிகோ 2015-2019 பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

Ford Figo 2015-2019
Rs. 4.46 லக்ஹ - 8.49 லக்ஹ*
இந்த கார் மாதிரி காலாவதியானது
ரேட்டிங் ஒப்பி போர்டு ஃபிகோ 2015-2019
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  • for 1.5D Titanium Plus MT

    Amazing Car

    I used the car for everyday commuting and weekend long drives with family. The best part of the car is the power, its awesome, 100bhp with 215NM of torque you will realise that when steeped onto the accelerator pedal. Another thing about the car is the rear suspension; it is simply great in any road conditions. Due the weight of the car, it is stab...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் aritra mukherjee
    On: Jul 05, 2016 | 545 Views
  • Pathetic Experience with Figo

    I have been using ford Figo titanium since Nov 2012 but I faced at least 42 problems in last 42 months.Tyre cracked within 7 days of use-compelled to pay 50%, beginning-forced excessive mobil oil consumption from the beginning. Forced to pay for the repair though the car was under warranty but the problem persisted after the necessary corrections b...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் joydeb sikdar
    On: Jul 23, 2016 | 274 Views
  • for 1.5D Titanium MT

    The best product ever by Ford..It should be your first choice!!

    I was about to book Maruti Swift and just a day before I saw Ford's All-New Figo. Took a test ride and tt just took me one hour to change my decision and I purchased All New Figo, Titanium (Diesel) on 8th Nov 2015. Here Is what my views are after having a running of 1800 KMs by now. If I compare it with Swift, this car is way beyond Swift's quality...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் pradeep rangdal
    On: Dec 09, 2015 | 71856 Views
  • for 1.2P Titanium MT

    The feel of a speedy and comfortable sedan in the shell of a hatc...

    I bought this car when it was already used for 4 years and have done more than 30000km. But from the moment of taking the test drive, I have been amazed by the smoothness of the drive and the pickup. Since I have two kids, safety features are very important for me. Ford Figo serves the best in this regard at this mid-price range. Having kids also ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் anandam
    On: May 31, 2016 | 784 Views
  • for 1.5D Titanium MT

    Most frugal, comfortable and spacious family hatchback in afforda...

    Look and Style: The looks and style of the Ford Figo are very much contemporary. Comfort: Best among in its class. Pickup: Fairly good pickup with torquey engine Mileage: 13kmpl to 15kmpl with AC on in actual city traffic during office hours is good enough, one can't expect more than this. Best Features: Riding comfort, hands-free phone connect...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் tapas kumar ghosh
    On: Feb 26, 2016 | 2375 Views
  • My 4 year journey with Ford Figo

    Comfort: Amazing comfort, no problems over speed breakers. Very comfortable in driving. As the car is used by a single user it does not have any suspension problem.  Pickup: The pick up is very nice even though a diesel engine, it does not take the time to get started. No issues with pick up. Even I have driven twice in a month  Mileage: I am get...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் viddesh andure
    On: Jul 04, 2016 | 78 Views
  • New Figo - Petrol (Trendz variant)

    Value for money as compared to the Hyundai Grand i10, Maruti Swift, Fiat Punto, etc. It is always good, great technology, suspension are good, AC is just brilliant. It's more than impressive at 50degree of temp. The sound quality of the speakers is equally impressive as compared to other cars in the same segment. I had a petrol variant which gave ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் saumitra katkurwar
    On: Jun 01, 2016 | 1245 Views
  • for 1.2P Trend MT

    Great Car for Daily Commute

    Listing out disadvantages first. For Petrol edition, the acceleration in 2nd and 3rd gear isn't upto the mark. This seems to be an issue for majority of Aspire petrol owners. No such issue heard for the diesel variant. The mileage isn't great in the initial stage of the car but is expected to phase out to normal after a good run. It shows great p...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் mehul mathur
    On: May 25, 2016 | 520 Views
  • for 1.5D Trend MT

    Figo: A Great value with the style, comfort, performance

    Look and Style: Looks are great and elegant...a compact long hatchback. Comfort: Feels even when the car is running on high speed, comfort comes through the seat's quality & adjustments along with the air conditioning. Pickup: Pickup is very high, newton-meter of torque & high BHP of power for this segment. Mileage: It still delivers 20-21 kmpl ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் mahitosh khanra
    On: Apr 13, 2016 | 950 Views
  • for 1.5D Titanium MT

    A nice car with good looks and performance

    The cabin noise is low as compared to other cars in the segment. The engine is also very responsive, light steering wheel for traffic ride, best in class interiors, the clutch is also light. It gives you a joy in driving it and the most important thing the seats are very comfortable. The car is suitable for commute and gives you a pleasure while ri...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் kunal
    On: Jul 05, 2016 | 97 Views
  • for 1.5D Titanium Plus MT

    complete car

    Look and Style: Ancient look. solid built. stable at high speeds. Comfort: Good for 5 people. Pickup: Turbocharged after 2000rpm. can reach and control at 150kph speed Mileage: Up to 18 in the city and 20 on the highway. Best Features: AC, Music System. Needs to improve: Pickup needs some improvement. Overall Experience: Great. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் abdul
    On: Sep 29, 2015 | 3708 Views
  • Best Value for money

    Look and Style- Car styling is average but overall looks decent. Comfort- Figo has ample of space with 280Ltr boot space and with excellent seating comfort it just additions to have a Ford car. It has enough of legroom and headroom in both the rows. Pickup- Not really good in second gear but gives a punchy feel only after 2000 RPM. Mileage- Good...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ashish
    On: Mar 05, 2015 | 6486 Views
  • Evaluate twice before making the decision,

    Look and Style ....Would not rate it the best in the industry. Interiors quality is horrible , high cabin noise and poor fittings. Comfort- Horrible experience if you sit at the rear , Rear seats locking is not good. Pickup- Good and 1st and 2nd it is very awkward. Mileage- good 20Kmpl in Highways. Best Features- Music System. Needs to improve- E...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் himagiri
    On: Feb 24, 2014 | 10083 Views
  • The Best car in the segment

    Purchased new(version) Ford Figo-Diesel (Sea Grey) last month.Here are my views on this car. Before purchasing I did so many researches on the engine, performance, mileage, look & safety. And concluded to proceed with FORD FIGO.I am writing this after driving after 3000 KM in & around Chennai.  1.Superb mileage around 20+ per litre 2.1400 CC power...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் rajkumar cj
    On: Feb 14, 2013 | 40965 Views
  • Figo or Ritz....which one to go for?

    I recently took a test drive for Ford Figo Diesel and I was pleasantly surprised. I am not particularly a fan of Ford cars but this car was surely a delight to drive with its smooth gear shifts. The confusion arose when I took a test drive of the Maruti Ritz Diesel. The smoothness of the engine, the pickup, comfort of switching gears etc were far b...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் mm
    On: Apr 16, 2012 | 23221 Views
  • Great Car to Have a ride from Mumbai to Delhi

    Look and Style: Good but small  Comfort : Good lots of space  Pickup : Excellent   Mileage : 19-21 on the highway with AC on.  Best Features much more for 6.7 lakh car In India  Needs to improve: Height for looks only otherwise not at all head prob as I am 6.2feet tall and finding much comfort.  Overall Experience : Great value for money. Wil...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் abhishek
    On: Aug 04, 2012 | 2271 Views
  • Zero maintenance in 2.5 years.... love you figo

    Heyy friends! I am a happy customer of ford Figo since 2.5 years. This is the best VFM car I ever know in my 35000 km of experience, I just spent 650rs for front wiper blade set apart from three general servicings. However, there are no issues yet.  Getting mileage around 18-20KM/l in any road condition keeping average AC on. The pickup is quite he...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் jyoti prakash sahoo
    On: Oct 10, 2012 | 7690 Views
  • its

    Look and Style-awesome. Comfort-rear seat is most comfortable than other cars in class front seats are not so comfortable as lack of length in size. Pickup good Mileage in city approx 17km and on highway 20 to 22 with a/c and without a/c 25km. Best Features-Powerful a/c, music system is the best and does not require a woofer to be fitted and Blueto...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் harshal patil
    On: Mar 01, 2012 | 1415 Views
  • This car is good but i does not like this car.beacuse the millage...

    Look and Style- very good.fresh and long.    Comfort-It's comfort is very very very good.    Pickup-Must good for Vollks wagon POLO.    Mileage is very very bad.expensive for many. Petrol price very hikes 7.50.    Best Features A.C is very powerful.  Overall Experience-very good.   மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் rhisav bora
    On: Jul 20, 2012 | 1290 Views
  • Best small car

    Look and Style- Very beautiful but height is less & speed breakers touches to lower parts.    Comfort- Very good    Pickup- Easy & immediate    Mileage- require more    Best Features- Easy gearing &best music system    Needs to improve- Height. Require service center in Amravati in Maharashtra. Switch to see the car is heating.  The company ca...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் arpit
    On: May 09, 2012 | 1358 Views
  • My Diamond White Darling!

    It was while test driving Chevrolet Spark and Beat on NH5 Vizag, I saw the banner of Figo at Tristar Ford. Went into the showroom casually and asked for a test drive of the Petrol Figo. A few minutes later, a white Figo was waiting before the show room for me. The A/c was chilling inside and sat in the driver's seat with my brother and other two sh...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் kumar
    On: Sep 27, 2010 | 11788 Views
  • Smart Car

    Look and Style: Very sporty. I love to take it to the college every time. Comfort: Very good, high clearance mean it's easy to drive through bad roads with ease.  Pickup: Just like any diesel engine, you cannot start it with the single swing of the key, requires waiting for a second. Also requires idling for 30sec for optimum performance. I utili...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் சரன்
    On: Dec 03, 2010 | 773 Views
  • Ford Figo is a rockstar!!!

    Look and Style-Hi I am Ankur and I have recently owned a car Ford Figo Petrol Titanium. The car not only looks nice from outside but it is also very spacious from inside and provides more comfort. Before Ford Figo, I had Maruti Ritz but I found Ford Figo much better. Comfort-Ford Figo is the perfect choice regarding the comfort level. It is very sp...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் amit
    On: May 23, 2011 | 3519 Views
  • Figo diesel --a overview ( fuel n comfort)

    Look and Style-it is catchy n sporty that's why I choose the car Comfort-comfort level is satisfactory. In this segment, I found it quite good and spacious. The pickup I drive a diesel so I am not aware of petrol version but in Diesel it is ok. I think there is a problem in pick up in 2nd gear.....I can say driving 1st n 2nd gear is uncomfortable b...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் pradipta baksi
    On: Dec 21, 2010 | 1922 Views
  • My figo

    Look and Style: The looks and style of Figo is indeed amazing. One who throws a look on my Figo is forced to go for a second thought provoking to look at it. I have bought my Figo in September and since then whosoever glances at my Figo admires it liberally. This is a very stylish car and it has increased my status in the society. My friends intend...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் prof. rajneesh sehra
    On: Nov 06, 2010 | 1565 Views
  • Figo...gud ..but not awesome....

    Look and Style:  Looks beautiful ....interiors are awesome.... Comfort: Very nice....cozy seats, but the only problem is that the back windows are not power windows and that they open only 40%  Pickup: Gud but not impressive in the 2nd gear at the beginning... Mileage : Till the first servicing it was aweful...not even 13 kmpl ....did not check aft...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் amay joshi
    On: Oct 21, 2010 | 1039 Views
  • Regrets

    Look and Style: awesome.Comfort: Average.Pickup: PickUP is toooooooooooooo bad.Mileage : It's literally drinking petrol.Best Features: Except looks, nothing is worth from my view...break system is horrible...service is below-below below average..I fell for looks and it proved to be deceptive....I am extremely unhappy.There is no smoothness.It sound...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் naveena
    On: Oct 11, 2010 | 1965 Views
  • Big thing in a small packet

    Look and Style-Good not bad but cud hv been a bit better.Comfort-Good spacious interiors with comfortable seats.Pickup-Petrol is adequate good but diesel is better. Mileage- Petrol 16.5kmpl  diesel 22 kmpl. Best Features-Bluetooth connectivity, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors both first in its class.Needs to improve- A bit more power is w...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் dhruv
    On: Jul 07, 2011 | 1490 Views
  • pollution in english

    Look and Style- It style is very better than i20 and other cars. This is my favorite car. Comfort-It is very comfortable than Maruti Hyundai cars. It seats are modified with a human body and it is very very spacious cars. Pickup- It's pick up is perfect. Mileage-Its mileage is also perfect Best Features-It's is a very solid car and safety feature a...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ram rattan
    On: May 29, 2011 | 1669 Views
  • Best car in figo oter then swift

    Look and Style: Very nice, good looking Comfort: Very good, height not comfortable, the back seat is not comfortable, and sudden brake applied seat come forward on the front side. Pickup: Is very good, its sudden pickup.Mileage : on city roads not eligible, highways is the best in Features: Verry good, nice.Needs to improve : Its very needs figo is...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் sunkireddy srinivas
    On: Jan 06, 2011 | 1934 Views
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