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  • ravindra asked on 21 May 2020

    What is the on-road price of Tesla Model 3 in India?

    • CarDekho Experts
    • on 21 May 2020

    As of now, the brand has not made its debut in India but its prices can be expected to be around Rs.70.0 Lakh.

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  • 20ubic021 asked on 16 Jun 2021

    Auto Pilot mode or not?

    • CarDekho Experts
    • on 16 Jun 2021

    As a premium offering, even the base-spec Tesla Model 3 comes with comforts like a panoramic glass roof, power-adjustable and heated front seats and premium upholstery. Most of the fun features of a Tesla are packed into its onboard software such as the autonomous driving tech but that is unlikely to be offered in its full capacity in India anytime soon. For more details, we would suggest you to wait for the car to launch. Stay tuned for further updates. Follow the link to get an alert when Tesla Model 3 is launched.Read more -Official: Tesla Finally Coming To India In 2021. Here’s What You Need To Know About Its Debut Model.

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  • bhupendra asked on 20 Mar 2021

    I shoud go for electric car, diesel or petrol?

    • CarDekho Experts
    • on 20 Mar 2021

    Selecting the right fuel type depends on your utility and the average running of the car. If you drive less then 50km in a day then we recommend you to go with a petrol car as they are easy to maintain, have a longer life span and they cost less initially then the diesel car. On the other hand, diesel cars are preferred if the average daily run is more than 50km which makes it a feasible purchase.Diesel cars are more fuel-efficient and provide more torque, therefore, are preferred for a person who drives more than 50km. Whereas, the petrol engine has a low service cost, more life span, generally have a well-controlled NVH level and are cheaper in cost than the diesel engines. Whereas Electric scooters are highly economical compared to their petrol counterparts and totally pollution-free, Electric scooters with a motor capacity of not more than 250 Watts need not be registered. Electric scooters up to 250 W need not be insured and no road tax needs to be paid. For riding electric scooters up to 250 W one need not have a driving license.

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  • akshith asked on 4 Feb 2021

    Does it come with autopilot

    • Santiago
    • on 15 Feb 2021


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