Tell me about Maruti Celerio interiors?

Maruti Suzuki Celerio has spacious interior considering the fact that it is a small hatchback car. The dashboard has a smooth finish with chrome lining surrounding the A/C vents. The dual tone color scheme is been used with the beige being a primary shade. The top-end variant will have TFT touch screen on the middle of center console. The cabin look spacious, all thanks to the latest technology of altered designing. In terms of entertainment of its co-passengers, the car will have single Din music system. In automated manual transmission variant, small space is provided that can easily hold two bottles. The seats, as spotted in test mule, are wide and comfortable with enough thigh support and has a ample knee room. The headroom is also decent while the boot space is big enough to hold a weekend getaway luggage. Check out the following review of features video of Maruti Celerio.  

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