• kuldeep asked on 27 May 2021

    From which variant of Alto has power steering and ac

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 27 May 2021

    Maruti Alto 800 LXI Opt is the starting variant that features Air Conditioner and Power Steering.

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    • Prem
    • on 15 Jul 2021

    Vxi ki final price

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    • 2 Answers
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  • sheikh asked on 23 Jul 2021

    Is ethanol blended petrol safe ?

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 23 Jul 2021

    Currently, five percent ethanol blending is seen in Indian cars, while many oil marketing companies do retail 10 percent ethanol blend fuel as well. Cars in our country can adapt to 5-10 percent ethanol, depending on the engine. Moreover, we would suggest you have a word with the nearest authorized service centre of Maruti Suzuki in your city. As they may assist you better.Read more -7 Ways That The Proposed 20 Percent Ethanol Blend Petrol Could Affect Consumers.

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  • anand asked on 9 Jun 2021

    Engine oil?

    • Dipnarayanmandal
    • on 13 Jul 2021

    कितना डाउन पेमेंट पर गाड़ी छोड़िए गा

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  • vikram asked on 7 Jun 2021

    VXI in Dehradun

    • Cardekho experts
    • on 8 Jun 2021

    Maruti Alto 800 VXI is priced at Rs.4.02 Lakh ( Ex-showroom Price in Dehradun). Follow the link for the approximate on-road price of Alto 800 in Dehradun.

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    • 1 Answer
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