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நியூ ஸ்கோடா ரேபிட் பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

New Skoda Rapid
254 மதிப்பீடுகள்
Rs. 7.49 - 13.29 லட்சம்*
*எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் விலை in புது டெல்லி
செப்டம்பர் சலுகைஐ காண்க
ரேட்டிங் ஒப்பி நியூ ஸ்கோடா ரேபிட்
அடிப்படையிலான 254 பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

நியூ ஸ்கோடா ரேபிட் பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

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  • Mileage (77)
  • Performance (48)
  • Looks (73)
  • Comfort (84)
  • Engine (65)
  • Interior (49)
  • Power (47)
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  • My skoda rapid

    If you are looking for performance and mileage then Skoda rapid fits in your requirement. I own TDI 1.5 MT from Jan 2017 till it's an amazing feeling. People said to this is a highly maintained car, but if you calculate the service cost upon 15000 km than others gives at 10000 or before Skoda rapid beats them too... I know if you talk about the fea...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் sumeet
    On: Jun 10, 2019 | 1285 Views
  • Complete package

    It feels sportier to drive. Very comfortable, Skoda is known for its build quality. Safety features were awesome. I loved this car. Mileage in highway is approx 18 and in city 12-13 kmpl. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் himanshu
    On: May 11, 2019 | 333 Views
  • Genuine Car

    Genuine car and has no problem at all. All the parts are original, came with the car. Very few scratches on the paint hardly visible.

    இதனால் jagjit cheemaverified Verified Buyer
    On: Apr 30, 2019 | 28 Views
  • for Skoda Rapid 1.5 TDI AT Style BSIV

    Skoda Rapid Style 1.5 DSG AT

    The car delivers excellent power and mileage in DSG AT... I got an average of 22KM/L on my drive from Goa to Shirdi Via Pune comfort and stability is also amazing loved the feel and drive of the car. I was planning to buy a Verna CRDI AT but I dropped my plan of buying Verna as the torque converter gearbox was not that good in changing gears and no...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் shailesh
    On: May 27, 2019 | 77 Views
  • Beast car

    Amazing Car ever to drive. The turbo engine drives the beats in the heart for a wonderful journey on the road every time

    இதனால் yash
    On: May 17, 2019 | 31 Views
  • Review after 3 years of use .

    Rapid as what its name signifies is really a rapid car. The car in the past 3 years and 70k km drive has not given any sort of tension but where the mileage game comes to this car freaking loose by a huge distance. I own a diesel manual variant and in the city when I drive it gives me an average of 12-13 kmpl. That's the only problem I can complain...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் jaswant singh marahatta
    On: May 13, 2019 | 521 Views
  • Awesome car under a perfect budget

    Skoda Rapid is the best car to buy it has a good pickup and performance and it has a sleek look.

    இதனால் dharaneesh suresh
    On: May 08, 2019 | 21 Views
  • Usual cars have 5k for servicing. 12k is too much

    Not only is it overpriced but service centres are also very laid back and pathetic. People should come together, and put an end to this. Not only is it overpriced but service centres are also very laid back and pathetic. People should come together, and put an end to this. Not only is it overpriced but service centres are also very laid back and pa...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் mexy
    On: Jun 01, 2019 | 136 Views
  • Reliable Rapid

    My Skoda Rapid ran 1,71,000 KMS but still it the best with no issues and good mileage of around 20 KMPL. 

    இதனால் arunmozhivarman muthusamy
    On: May 15, 2019 | 33 Views
  • Good build quality car

    Using it for last 1 year, I am pretty happy with the quality of the car and smooth ride. I am using petrol automatic, delivered the promised mileage in highways.

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: May 14, 2019 | 26 Views
  • Great Price Great Car

    Such a classy look and great price. Love the front look. The red and blue colors just steal the heart.

    இதனால் reena pathania
    On: Apr 23, 2019 | 37 Views
  • Skoda Rapid Superb cars...

    its Superb car..skoda rapid is the best performance and very safe product in Skoda Rapid is classic car ..that is so good design. So I think 12 to 14 lakh price this is the first choice. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் umesh
    On: Apr 18, 2019 | 168 Views
  • I Like It Very Much

    This car is very stylish, luxury car, the exterior is amazing and seating is very comfortable

    இதனால் soumya ranjan swain
    On: Apr 17, 2019 | 29 Views
  • Perfect in its class!!

    All I can say that this is a POCKET-ROCKET! Perfect car in its segment for real car enthusiasts! No compromise in technology and quality!

    இதனால் sidharth
    On: Apr 13, 2019 | 23 Views
  • Dream Car Dzire

    I just love the car, it suits my personality, its elegance, its excellence, its style, its moves match with my attitude. I dream to have this car.

    இதனால் harjot kaur
    On: Apr 13, 2019 | 28 Views
  • Stylish and enjoy to drive

    Best vehicle for the price. On road price of the rapid top end variant is around 16 lakhs. The best engine you will get in the segment and definitely delivers better performance either in city traffic or highway ride. Those who are looking for an automatic variant at this price Rapid and Vento are the best cars of the segment. DSG gearbox is very r...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் karthik pallapotula
    On: Apr 10, 2019 | 112 Views
  • for Skoda Rapid 1.5 TDI Ambition BSIV

    All About Rapid

    I'm just in love with my Rapid. It's the best in all sedans as in price, comfort, looks. Skoda gives excellent services as we. One thing is that the parts are a little bit expensive. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் shubham
    On: Apr 10, 2019 | 142 Views
  • Beast Car

    No word for Skoda Rapid, it is a very special edition car as it is full of minor and major features. 

    இதனால் user
    On: Apr 29, 2019 | 25 Views
  • Rapid lover

    I just love the ride. Because car handling is very good. The suspension is also good. My first car, I just love it.

    இதனால் ashwith
    On: Apr 28, 2019 | 26 Views
  • Premium car

    Value for money. Love the premium in the entry-level sedan. Exterior - Elegant and simple Interior - Again elegant but still there is the scope of improvement like the sunroof and better audio effects, leather seats. Drivability - fun to drive, sharp in corners, you would exactly know which corner of the road Fuel Efficiency- 15 in cities and aro...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Apr 16, 2019 | 32 Views
  • for Skoda Rapid 1.6 MPI Ambition BSIV

    Nice Car

    A well-manufactured car, loaded with all the necessary pieces of equipment like camera, sensors, touch screen audio, gear lock, central locking etc. Worth this much price. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ruby sharma
    On: Apr 08, 2019 | 67 Views
  • Skoda Rapid, Diesel Car, Superficial Review

    Skoda Rapid is best in build quality and the best driving stability in the c-segment sedan car. EBD braking control is ultimate in c-segment sedan cars.

    இதனால் dwij
    On: Apr 05, 2019 | 56 Views
  • Skoda Rapid Experience Review

    Its one of the best cars I have driven, the kick it gives is fantastic, it's a bit high maintenance car but value for money. Service centres are lazy to get the work done, parts are expensive, solid built quality, low ground clearance 163mm if it's loaded it will hit in bumps,  good for the city not built for off-road or rural areas. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ajay singh
    On: Apr 01, 2019 | 104 Views
  • Best car

    This car is best in every mode, nice power with a powerful engine. This car is suitable for long drive and looks is also awesome.

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Mar 31, 2019 | 39 Views
  • Excellent Car For A Best Price

    "Value for money" is the best word to say. Performance at its best, a car to compare with Audi's base car which costs around 30 lacs on road. Highway riding is so excellent, like a cruise. I recommend red colour car to others if they are in hill areas where the colour is very much matching with nature?s green, wonderful to watch the red beast. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் punniaseelan
    On: Mar 30, 2019 | 70 Views
  • Superb Skoda

    100% satisfaction. Riding quality is awesome in this segment of cars.

    இதனால் user
    On: Mar 28, 2019 | 33 Views
  • The Beast From Skoda

    EXTERIOR: it has a good headlamp given with white IED strip, looking like a luxurious car TYRES: It comes with  19×55INC. BOOT SPACE: Boot space is pretty good, It unlocks with four methods. INTERIOR: Leg space is comfortable for back-seaters. DRIVING: @The power as not that much has earlier Skoda. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் kamuni uday கிரிஷ்ணா
    On: Mar 28, 2019 | 77 Views
  • for Skoda Rapid 1.6 MPI Ambition BSIV

    Ultimate driving experience

    This car is an ultimate driving pleasure. It sails on the road. This car gives you one of the most comfortable driving experience no matter how long you drive it. With a powerful engine this car is backed up by all modern amenities and safety features. All together a car worth buying. I give it 5 star rating. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் varun bhardwaj
    On: Mar 25, 2019 | 77 Views
  • Pros of Skoda

    Absolutely solid!! Driving pleasure. I agree the maintenance is quite high but worth owning it. One more and last minus is the mileage. But for a city run, it is good! Interiors and outside body are amazing. They have come up with a new addition to the top model by the name of Monte Carlo which looks quite sporty. Should go ahead with it. Truly Sko...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் neeru
    On: Mar 24, 2019 | 81 Views
  • Good car

    Absolutely solid!! Driving pleasure. I agree the maintenance is quite high but worth owning it! One more and last minus is the mileage. But for a city run is good! Interiors and outside body is amazing. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Mar 25, 2019 | 20 Views
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