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U Are Gonna Miss Something

U Are Gonna Miss Something

I had recently purchased a Maruti Suzuki S-presso. The different quality issues faced by me as a customer even when opting for a full option of the vehicle Before going into the negative aspects of my new vehicle. I can assure you that the car is marvellous and the performance of the auto gear shift is nice and responsive. The Quality issue I faced with the vehicle is 1. The front DRL is not provided as standard even for the full option, A reflector should atleast be provided in the location of the DRL instead to the zig-zag pattern on the body in the same location 2. There is no option for a Fog lamp even as an accessory. The customer should be provided with a fog lamp atleast as an option in the place where the DRL is housed. The fog lamp has a much more practical application in the real-life than what the DRL could offer. An aftermarket fog lamp that can correctly fit the slot of the DRL can be designed by Maruti and offered as an accessory, moreover, the DRL can be incorporated along with the headlight unit if it's that important 3. The quality of the flooring that is provided is below average, I have owned previous generation Maruti cars but now in this S-Presso I can't find any cushioning and it seems as if the flooring material is placed on top of the metal floor without any cushioning or sounds proof material 4. The plastic quality on the dashboard is okay but as we go down the plastic quality is really low and seems as thin as paper plate and is not attached properly to the floor nor to the sides 5. The reverse light is only available in one taillamp, rather than being provided in both the tail lamps, How expensive can a small bulb and holder be if it had been installed from the factory on both the tail lamps If it was the provision for the rear fog lamp then atleast that should be available in the full option variant 6. The size of the mudguard is really tiny and I don't think that bit of plastic is in any way beneficial to the vehicle as an accessory 7. A small LED light can be provided in the boot of the car as stock and does not cost much if factory fitted but will benefit the buyer 8. A different colour plate will look pleasing and beneficial under the gear lever in locating the gear position during night time 9. The position of the stand for the bonnet is unusual and does not serve the purpose, as the bar gets heated up due to the heat from the engine and this is difficult to hoist the bonnet after driving, repositioning the stand strategically or providing 2 bar at each end can be more convenient for the user 10. The finishes on the paint on the body is good but once the doors and the boot are open there appear to be quality issues in the finishing of the vehicle at the joints 11. The doormat who's is provided as an accessory is not correct in dimensions, yes I agree the quality is high but it will serve its purpose better if the dimensions is a bit larger than the current dimension 12. The front chrome attachment for the grill should have been provided as a standard atleast in the full option 13. A rubber cover inside the wheel arches can also be provided so the metal parts painted body colour won't get damaged and would be easy to wash 14. The glove box compartment is not enough to store both the car manual and the infotainment manual is kept in a case provided by the company at the time of delivery. The problem is due to the design flaw of an oversized glovebox handle which extends into the compartment space.I suggest your design team look into the design properly and redesign the glovebox compartment so it can accommodate atleast a tissue paper box 15. In most cars, there is a badging in the back that defines its auto shift. Just a worthless 3D sticker but it does its job of informing others it's an automatic vehicle and far does a bit of advertisement milage to you. That too is missing 16. The creep function of the car is a bit tricky in case of uphill slope conditions as the vehicle tends to move slightly backward before going forward on drive mode, I suggest you look into this issue . Moreover, the sticker mentioned in point number 15 can inform other drivers that it's an auto gear shift vehicle and to maintain a bit gap rather than Stopping too close These are some of the quality issues that I faced while buying the top-end model (vxi+) that is available in the market. I bought this car due to the compact dimensions and the feature of automatic drive and the city-friendly nature of the vehicle. But shelling out around 6 lakh rupees on a top-end model of S-presso I am feeling robbed of the quality that Maruti used to provide in his vehicles.

இதனால் karthik muraly
On: ஜனவரி 04, 2021 | 9348 Views
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  • Awesome Car

    Overall S-Presso is the best car within budget and hence offers a good mileage that everyone wants. The driving experience is awesome and talking about pick-up, is amazin...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் pranshu jaiswal
    On: Feb 24, 2021 | 465 Views
  • Best Car

    Best car because the car price is good. Maintenance of the car is not so high, comfortable to seat in front and rear seat average the car is very good.

    இதனால் amit malakar
    On: Feb 23, 2021 | 20 Views
  • Good Family Car

    Very good build quality. A very well-performed family car. I am planning to get this particular model within the next few months.

    இதனால் dibyendu saha
    On: Feb 22, 2021 | 38 Views
  • Excellent Car

    The car is excellent on this small budget but did not focus on safety features. Please use strong body material in the future.

    இதனால் d s
    On: Feb 20, 2021 | 28 Views
  • Very Fantastic Car

    Road clearance is fantastic. Very smooth driving. Fully controlled car. The music system and touch screen display are very good.

    இதனால் ajay chawla
    On: Feb 16, 2021 | 51 Views
  • Excellent Car

    It is a very good car in this budget. Mileage 21+ on the highway. Feel comfortable when I drive this car. I have vxi + model and I think this is the best choice for you. ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் samit ghorai
    On: Feb 14, 2021 | 1637 Views
  • Superb Car

    Very nice car with good looks and performance. High seats, good ground clearance, very space and comfortable.

    இதனால் sachin
    On: Feb 14, 2021 | 41 Views
  • Worst Car In Market

    Worst car with the worst build quality. No safety feature, highly unstable car didn't like it at all.

    இதனால் karan
    On: Feb 13, 2021 | 51 Views
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