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மாருதி ஸ்விப்ட் பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

Maruti Swift
3787 மதிப்பீடுகள்
Rs. 5.19 - 8.02 லட்சம்*
*எக்ஸ்-ஷோரூம் விலை in புது டெல்லி
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அடிப்படையிலான 3787 பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

மாருதி ஸ்விப்ட் விலை பயனர் மதிப்புரைகள்

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  • Swift is love

    Maruti Swift is the best car. The best gear system at such a convenient price, mileage, spacious interiors, cool exteriors, suspensions, and everything is excellent in it. Must buy the car for a small family. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் rishi ahuja
    On: May 06, 2019 | 43 Views
  • Swift ZXI AMT

    The body is vulnerable to even minor hit. Interior built quality is bad in terms of material used. Performance wise giving accurate results and suspension is little to be improved. Mileage is 16 to 18. For the price better is Polo. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் user
    On: May 01, 2019 | 95 Views
  • Perfect Car

    An amazing car with best in class features available as compared to the cars of other brands in a similar segment available at an affordable price.

    இதனால் rehan badar
    On: May 04, 2019 | 28 Views
  • Dream Car Maruti Swift

    Maruti Swift is no other cars is a competitor in this segment of price, the engine is so silent-on road and driving is superb as far as balance is a concern. very comfortable and spacious car with ABS technology.  மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் dharmendra
    On: Apr 30, 2019 | 47 Views
  • Best Car.

    Maruti Swift is the best car. The best gear system at such a convenient price, mileage, spacious interiors, cool exteriors, suspensions, and everything is excellent in it. Must buy the car for a small family. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: May 08, 2019 | 20 Views
  • The Best Car

    It is the best car in this segment. The resale value is great. It is worth the price. 

    இதனால் hitesh joshi
    On: May 02, 2019 | 27 Views
  • Nice Car To Purchase

    Overall worth to buy the car. I have used this for 5 years now. Maintenance is not very high. Available at an affordable price.

    இதனால் abhishake koul
    On: May 02, 2019 | 28 Views
  • Maruti is the best .

    Indian Mini Cooper, the best car, best price, Indian best selling car.

    இதனால் priyam borgohain
    On: May 02, 2019 | 29 Views
  • Fantastic!

    Good car with cool design, but in case of speedit is low as compared to its price segment cars. But airbags are best, ABS, conventional headlamps and the diamond cut alloy wheels are the best. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் pratyush
    On: May 01, 2019 | 37 Views
  • 1 year review

    Understood to not look for the price. The brand is not the quality here. Worst car i have seen. Not good interiors, delicate, no suspension, nothing in that. Changing the avatar external but inside low quality.  மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் durga
    On: Apr 30, 2019 | 50 Views
  • Amazing Car

    An Amazing Car available with best in class features as compared to the other cars available from other brands in the same segment at an affordable price. 

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Apr 30, 2019 | 26 Views
  • Amazing Car

    An Amazing Car available with best in class features as compared to the other cars available from other brands in the same segment at an affordable price. 

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Apr 29, 2019 | 35 Views
  • Worth The Price

    Exceptional performance and worth the price of 8 lakhs.

    இதனால் lalith madanu
    On: Apr 24, 2019 | 24 Views
  • for VXI 2018

    The Indian Heart Beat

    The budget was the main issue for choosing Swift over the Desire/Ertiga or the Baleno. We found that the Swift was perfectly priced hatchback with an even perfect performance. The swift engine is awesome, powerful but quiet, spacious inside both for the drivers/passenger and back seat passengers having quite a comfortable leg room. Having said all ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ryan taylor
    On: Apr 23, 2019 | 80 Views
  • Better For Long Drive

    Really swift as its name, good speed pick up and overall best car in the price range.

    இதனால் dinesh deore
    On: Apr 21, 2019 | 29 Views
  • Perfect Car

    Maruti swift such a gorgeous and good look car in this price segment. Maruti offers good mileage for its cars. Interiors and seat are nice and comfortable. But the problem is that ground clearance which is 170mm. For traveling in mountain areas like Ladakh it is not good and comfortable for both the city and office person, it is a nice car. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் nishant deshmukh
    On: Apr 21, 2019 | 174 Views
  • Waste of time in this site

    The valuation report is the poor, very low valuation of this vehicle can be sold at a price range of 3.65 lakhs to 4 lakhs, but your valuation is too low.

    இதனால் hari
    On: Apr 21, 2019 | 22 Views
  • Super Car At An Affordable Price

    Its really a good car with affordable price and giving us great mileage as well, by changing front headlight and tail lamp looks more stylish especially in red and sky blue color மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் dr rijas
    On: Apr 20, 2019 | 19 Views
  • The Best Family Car

    According to me, this car is really the of this kind because such looks such power in an affordable price is quite impressive and this has a perfect cabin space which makes it a perfect family car, which makes every ride effortless and luxurious, which makes this car different from other cars of this price range. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் anonymous
    On: Apr 25, 2019 | 18 Views
  • Stylish car in a less price.

    Best in style good mileage great handling. Good car with special features good 7-inch touch screen system looks like a sports and luxury car like a mini-cooper easy to drive Great alloys and a good car in a Less price மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் dheeraj verma
    On: Apr 26, 2019 | 14 Views
  • Best In The Segment

    One of the best in this segment. Best value for money but I gave 4 stars because the build quality is average not good for the price point. Highly recommended car to go for. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் john
    On: Apr 19, 2019 | 44 Views

    It is just wowsome. It is just exceptional. It is just more than a premium hatchback. It does not contain features, rather it is made out of features. Comfort is just excellent, security is best in its class, power is the best in that price. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் sourav hazra
    On: Apr 19, 2019 | 56 Views
  • Quality of Swift car

    Nice car with heavy mileage, The price also affordable.

    இதனால் jabeer abdul gafoor
    On: Apr 19, 2019 | 16 Views
  • Best Hatchback For Everyone

    Good car price to a performance car. Best hatchback for a family. Best car under the price. Sporty look, enough space in the cabin for 5 peoples. The car boot is good, a little bit smart, the best in class. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் mo.noman ahmad
    On: Apr 18, 2019 | 38 Views
  • Excellent Car

    Excellent car, features are good and built quality is nice, price is also excellent.

    இதனால் gaurav yadav
    On: Apr 17, 2019 | 19 Views
  • Car Of The Year

    Most economical car, good looking, fuel efficient, mechanically stronger than others in the same price range.

    இதனால் tanumoy nandi
    On: Apr 16, 2019 | 19 Views
  • Good Car

    Overall its a good car with sportiness. But the body of the car is weaker when compared with Baleno, which falls in the premium segment and yet the price difference is 10K. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் சாகர்
    On: Apr 16, 2019 | 107 Views
  • Wonderful Car

    My Most Favourite Car. The specialty of this Car is just that it's simple and sober. Made by one and only Maruti Suzuki Company this Car Comes with a lot of features. It's the most reliable car in its price range. Maruti always works with there design and engine. What A Cool choice of recreating on of there previous successful Cars "SWIFT". மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் rishabh mishra
    On: Apr 16, 2019 | 49 Views
  • Middle Class In All

    Maruthi is making Swift for proper Indian middle-class range so is the price at that range and so is the quality. If you want the feel of driving, go for German cars, if you want a low budget car considering cost, maintenance, resale, etc. then Swift is a better option. மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் ranadheer reddy
    On: Apr 16, 2019 | 41 Views

    Best-in-class hatchback car you can ever afford! Has an awesome mileage of  20.0 Thanks to the improved legroom in the back seat; it makes the ALL NEW SWIFT a perfect 5SEATER.! PROs: +Improved infotainment system is a good time change +Swift AT gear change is easier than the other AT cars +Has 2AIRBAGS as all other MARUTI vehicles +Dispaces from 0 ...மேலும் படிக்க

    இதனால் harsith s
    On: Apr 18, 2019 | 186 Views
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  • பெட்ரோல்
  • Rs.5,19,000*இஎம்ஐ: Rs. 11,147
    21.21 கேஎம்பிஎல்மேனுவல்
    Key Features
    • dual front ஏர்பேக்குகள்
    • ஏபிஎஸ் with ebd
    • powered tilt adjsutable steering
  • Rs.6,19,000*இஎம்ஐ: Rs. 13,541
    21.21 கேஎம்பிஎல்மேனுவல்
    Pay 1,00,000 more to get
    • all four power windows
    • 4 speaker music system
    • central locking
  • Rs.6,66,000*இஎம்ஐ: Rs. 14,525
    21.21 கேஎம்பிஎல்ஆட்டோமெட்டிக்
    Pay 47,000 more to get
    • ஆட்டோமெட்டிக் ட்ரான்ஸ்மிஷன்
    • outside temperature display
    • gear position indicator
  • Rs.6,78,000*இஎம்ஐ: Rs. 14,761
    21.21 கேஎம்பிஎல்மேனுவல்
    Pay 12,000 more to get
    • engine push start
    • reverse parking sensor
    • dual front ஏர்பேக்குகள்
  • Rs.7,25,000*இஎம்ஐ: Rs. 15,745
    21.21 கேஎம்பிஎல்ஆட்டோமெட்டிக்
    Pay 47,000 more to get
    • Rs.7,58,000*இஎம்ஐ: Rs. 16,447
      21.21 கேஎம்பிஎல்மேனுவல்
      Pay 33,000 more to get
      • Rs.8,02,000*இஎம்ஐ: Rs. 17,361
        21.21 கேஎம்பிஎல்ஆட்டோமெட்டிக்
        Pay 44,000 more to get
        • all பிட்டுறேஸ் of இசட்எக்ஸ்ஐ பிளஸ்
        • ப்ரொஜெக்டர் ஹெட்லேம்ப்ஸ் with drls
        • 15-inch dual tone alloys

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      • எக்ஸ்எல் 5
        எக்ஸ்எல் 5
        Rs.5.0 லட்சம்*
        அறிமுக எதிர்பார்ப்பு: feb 20, 2021
      • futuro-e
        Rs.15.0 லட்சம்*
        அறிமுக எதிர்பார்ப்பு: feb 10, 2022
      • சோலியோ
        Rs.6.0 லட்சம்*
        அறிமுக எதிர்பார்ப்பு: feb 22, 2022

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