How is the performance of Maruti Alto K10?

The performance of Maruti K10 have improved a lot than the outgone car. It gets the same 1.0 litre K-Next 3 pot engine as in celerio. The new motor is hugely refined and the car feels zippy and nible in handling. The AMT(Automated Manual Transmission) is the star attraction and is the same as in Celerio. It makes driving very easy and pulling into tight parking spaces and traffic is less frustraing. Though, the transition between gears could be felt, still it is something that couldbe ignored easily. The steering feels pretty inconsistent when left freely but handles well as you grab it. It performes well on all kind of road surfaces and it something you can't complain about Maruti. It looks good and the Tango Orange is an absolute attention graber. Check out the following expert review video.    

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