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  • bharat asked on 7 Dec 2019

    Creta, S-Cross, and EcoSport which one is good?

    • Cardekho Experts
    • on 7 Dec 2019

    For a perfect car choice, a comparison is to be done on the basis of price, size, space, mileage, performance, features, and other specs. All the three cars are having there high points which make the cars worthy. If you are looking for a powerful car with great performance, then you may go for Ford Ecosport. If you prefer a more spacious and comfortable car with low maintenance costs, then the Hyundai Creta can be a good choice. If we talk about the Maruti S-Cross, the car is equipped with many safety features. For a detailed comparison, follow the below link and select your preferred variant also - Compare. Moreover, you may have a test drive of the shortlisted cars for a better idea of comfort and drive quality offered. For this, you may visit the nearest dealership in your city - Dealers.

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